Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dressing Up for Valentine's Day Night

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you might need to solve the ever-so-popular dress dilemma. What do you wear, and where do you find it? There is always the option to check your closet and see what you have but sometimes you want to wear something different than the year before. There are so many options out there and it might be a little overwhelming when trying to decide where to go and how much to spend.
 A great place to look is at your local thrift shop!

One woman’s trash is another woman’s perfect banquet dress! You can always find some bargains, and you might even find two dresses for the price of a brand new one! The clothing at thrift shops are gently worn and cheap enough that it leaves you with extra cash to use on alterations if needed.
Check your local Outlet Mall or Shop
If you have an outlet mall near you, it’s possible to find a dress that is still “in style” for way less than the department store price! The prices are usually 50-75% off of the department store prices, so this option also gives you the option to buy more than one dress for the price of one at it’s normal price!
Ask a friend!
If you have a friend who is the same size as you, ask them if they have something nice you can borrow! You could even attend a “dress swap” at a friend’s house and find the perfect dress there!
Spoil yourself!
If you are looking to buy a brand new banquet dress with matching shoes and accessories (you deserve it!), check out, an amazing site full of gorgeous dresses (usually on sale). They also offer free shipping on a lot of their products!

Happy shopping, and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!
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