Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Don Sabrosa's Sweet Mild Salsa Review

I know you have seen this company in several of my other events and because his Salsa is so awesome, I decided to have him in this new one also!  Don Sabrosa's Sweet Mild Salsa is one of the best ones I have tasted in quite awhile and once you have tried it, I think you will agree.
It had some of my favorite fruits in it! Really, no kidding! It has blueberries and peaches mixed with honey, which is why it's called Sweet Mild Salsa! It is a very chunky salsa and no it is not sweetly sweet which you might think because of the honey, but honestly, I couldn't taste it.
I did not read the label when I first tried it so I didn't know about the peaches and blueberries either, so I was really surprised when I found that out because I would have never thought of those in salsa! So, this one is got an added bonus of helping you with your fruit intake if you don't eat them much, you will at least get it thru this Salsa, which makes it a very healthy and very Vegetarian!
Now, mind you, that Mike really likes his medium or hot but for a change, I got to have a salsa that I could enjoy! Usually, when Mike buys Salsa he gets it real hot or medium knowing I can't eat either of those, but I got him back this time! He did eat some and said it was good but he would prefer it to be hotter.
Well, I don't! It was perfect just the way it was. I am so glad that finally somebody recognizes that everybody don't like to have their mouths or bellies on fire!
Now, this is actually the bowl that I opened up and that is what they look like from the inside. I loved it because it meant I did not have to pour it into something and when I ate what I wanted, I just got a Ziploc bag and slide it right in there and sealed her up for the next time I wanted some chips and salsa!
Now, how easy is that? I guess you could use saran wrap or foil but I think it's easier to slide them into Ziploc bags because that way the wrap doesn't slide off or heaven forbid someone reaches for it and only grabs the foil and it slips right out of their hands onto my floor! I would prefer to have the bowls over the bottles any day for the convenience sake, because it is the same Salsa in the jars, I just like the idea of not dirtying up a bowl or spoon.
Lord, you should see the mess that Mike makes when he is getting something like this out of a jar and into a bowl. I hate going in the kitchen after him. It's like a disaster and then he leaves everything right there on the counter! The outside of the bowls look like this does. I like to show you the pictures so you know what to look for in the stores.
All of their products are:
**All Natural
**Fat Free
**Gluten Free
**Low Sodium
**Heart Healthy
They also have Gourmet Salsa that comes in hot and mild roasted garlic and black bean and corn. But I did not get those this time so we will talk more about those flavors another time. I just wanted those of you who like hotter Salsa to know that Don Sabrosa's does make it hotter and in a different flavor formats than the Sweet Mild.

Now, who do you think would need this really great Salsa filled with fruits and veggies that we really need in our daily lives?

Here's some examples of who might benefit from these Salsa's:

**The fact that our salsa is low in sodium, contains no fat and provides potential health benefits because of the contents, it can be enjoyed by everyone of every age - from toddlers to seniors. **Everyone who is trying to manage their sodium, sugar and fat intake and want to live healthier will benefit.
**Parents can relax when serving their children our salsa because the potential benefits are outweighed by the use of other items such as chips, and the can serve it with veggies instead of chips.

This is under the About Us section:
During 2008, Don Sabrosa was started in Cincinnati, OH, by Donny Parks. Donny has always enjoyed fresh, nutritious foods. As an avid salsa consumer, he was tired of the same watered down products that did not make him feel satisfied.  
He set out to create a fabulous product that is all natural, thick, chunky and made with fresh produce. His first creation was the Blueberries, Peaches, and Honey recipe (now called Sweet with Heat and Sweet with a little Heat). It was such a success that soon he was gaining the praise of one consumer after another.  
Deriving its name from the Spanish meaning, “Mr. Flavor”, Don Sabrosa set out to become the best salsa on the planet. 
Connect with Don Sabrosa:

Call: 1-855-722-7672

Don Sabrosa is giving the winner of my Let's Mix It Up in March Giveaway Hop 3 packages of the Sweet Salsa! The Giveaway starts on March 11th and ends on March 25th. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Sally Bridges said...

This sounds so good I hope I win!!!

Marti Tabora said...

I do love salsa so I'm definitely looking forward to trying these. Thank you.
Marti Tabora

Lynn Buttedal said...

I love salsa too. Just cant eat real spicy! Glad to know can get mild!

Jennifer Hiles said...

Not that long ago, I would have never considered trying salsa that had fruit in it! Now, I absolutely love them! The more the better for me. Don Sabrosa makes very tasty products.

freddie said...

I couldn't believe it when I read it has blueberries and peaches in it. I love both but can't imagine what they would taste like in salsa. It would be worth trying. dwelchert at yahoo dot com

Rebecca Parsons said...

I would love to try a sweet salsa. Honestly some of the "sweet" salsa's that I have tried were not that great. I love salsa so this sounds fantastic!

Kitty Iecvan said...

I love salsa with some chips! This sweet mild version sounds fantastic!

Hannah Avery said...

This sounds really delicious!

-Hannah Avery

Dorothy Teel said...

Salsa the way to my heart I have tried different flavors and recipes and I have not had this brand, but I like how it looks on your review and I like that it is all natural, gluten free and I think that I would love to try his original Sweet with a little heat, (blueberries, Peaches and Honey, sounds wonderful)

wcaligirl said...

Never heard of them, thanks they sound good

BrittanyUtley said...

Looks and sounds totally delicious. I like that you can dip without getting your hand all icky.

Jennifer Hiles said...

Another favorite of mine! I love their salsa! I also love the convenience of their packaging. Very yummy! jjoliet@hotmail.com

Kitty Iecvan said...

I'd love to try some corn salsa! Gotta love spicy mexican food!

Tiffany Vanick said...

Salsa with honey in it? I would love that.

Melissa Marinho said...

Yum yum! I LOVE sweet and mild salsas, but it is hard to find a really good one that doesn't taste like run of the mill salsas. There are so many amazing benefits of eating this salsa, I love it! All natural, low sodium, gluten free AND delicious?! You don't find all those in one very often :) I really like that it has fruit in it as well, this definitely seems like a healthy treat! Thank you so much for the review and yummy photos!

freddie said...

I love a mild to medium salsa. The blueberries and peaches sound like they would be really good in a salsa. I would love to try it.

Marti Tabora said...

I really love salsa so I'm definitely looking forward to trying these. Thank you.
Marti Tabora

Dorothy Teel said...

I love the idea of these Salsa's be gluten free and I love the fruit in the salsa, I think I would love to try the sweet salsa, I have never had them and I have not seen this brand in my stores, but will keep on checking thank you for sharing this review.