Thursday, January 23, 2014

CleanSmart Hand Sanitizer & Gel Review

I have two great products to share with you that can help you when your family is fighting the cold and flu season when washing your hands and keeping them clean. CleanSmart has a hand sanitizer and a gel that can help you with that.
The Hand Sanitizer Gel is great for these reasons:
  • The 2 ounce size with flip top cap fits perfectly in the purse or diaper bag and can be carried onto airplanes.
  • Alcohol Free Powerful Germ Killer in a moisturizing gel formula.
  • Naturally Moisturizing, No Fragrance Added, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Approved, Pediatrician Approved, No BZK or Triclosan, and 100% kid safe.
The main reason though that it's so effective is that CleanSmart has managed to do something others haven't been able to do:
Naturally produced by our own bodies to fight viruses and bacteria. CleanSmart has replicated Hypochlorous using simple, safe ingredients and really smart science.

Hypochlorous is the only non-toxic germ killer that destroys the viruses, bacteria and pathogens that can harm your family.
The Hand Sanitizer Spray is just as effective as the gel, just in a different way:
  • Alcohol Free Powerful Germ Killer in a hydrating spray.
  • Sprays like water on your hands and rubs in quickly leaving your hands soft and germ free.
  • Purse sized and can be carried onto airplanes.
  • Naturally Moisturizing, No Fragrance Added, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Approved, Pediatrician Approved, No BZK or Triclosan, and 100% kid safe.
You can get both products in either a 2 oz size or an 8 oz size.  The 2 oz size comes in packs of 3 while the 8 oz size comes in packs of 2.

Lastly, here is what CleanSmart says about their products:
Like alcohol, CleanSmart is a powerful germ killer.  It contains the same ingredient your body uses to fight germs – hypochlorous acid.  With simple and natural ingredients, CleanSmart replicates hypochlorous so you don’t need to use harsh chemicals to keep your family healthy this cold and flu season.

Unlike alcohol, Cleansmart does not dry out skin and it’s safe enough for the whole family to use.  There is no stinging or ouchies on sensitive skin.  Instead of irritating open wounds, there are natural healing attributes to hypochlorous acid.  In addition, it’s Dermatologist and Pediatrician approved safe for the whole family.  While we’d never suggest drinking the solution, if it is accidently ingested, there are no health risks.
Connect with CleanSmart:

Mailing Address:
Simple Science, LLC.
530 N. 3rd Street, Suite 310
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. 


CricetJean Gentry said...

I love the purse size sanitizers!! I can refill them, and no matter where you go you are grabbing someone else's germs!!

Dorothy Teel said...

I love that these are alcohol free and that they fit into y purse, as we are always in needs of a sanitizer for our hands. The ones with alcohol are so hard on our skin that they at times cause cracks and increased dryness that causes sores and chaffed skin the CLeanSMart sound like they would not be so harsh. Thank you for the review.

Sally Bridges said...

I like that it won't dry out my hands and that it is available in purse size!

M Clark said...

I use hand sanitizer or wipes regularly, but CleanSmart is a brand that I have not heard of before. It would be great to have a hand sanitizer that does not dry out my skin and damage my nails. Than you for this review.