Saturday, January 11, 2014

Big Numbers Book Review

I have one of the more delightful books I have read in awhile that you MUST read! It is so darn funny and comical and at the same time a little bit of danger mixed in. But, this is one character you will be rooting for even though some of his stunts will leave you flabbergasted! The book is called Big Numbers written by Jack Getze.
Laugh at divorced dad Austin Carr, a funny, oversexed scamp who'll do anything to get his kids back. Think Bugs Bunny with guns and a penis.  
Divorced father Austin Carr wakes up every day in a beat-up camper, parked on someone else's private property. Why? Because his alimony and child support payments were established by New Jersey's family court system when his income was double, and for the last two years he has failed to earn the legally mandated monthly nut. He's had his savings drained, his Maxima repossessed, his salary attached, and his visiting rights suspended. He bought the twelve-year-old Chevy pick-up with the rusty camper for $800 last month because another landlord tossed his butt in the street.  
Will stretching the rules, his own morals, and the boundaries of common sense raise the cash needed to get his kids back? Or will his big mouth and bad behavior set him up for a nasty double-cross? Find out if Austin can redeem himself and win back his children.
I have to admit at first I wasn't too sure if I was going to like this character, Austin, and the more I read the funnier the story became. Austin can't seem to help getting himself into trouble. He really does love his kids more than anything and even though he has been asked numerous times to leave that city and head to Mexico, he refuses to leave his kids.

There is a part where it looks like it might be goners for Austin, but even that is told with such humor and unbelievably good luck on Austin's part. One of the bad guys actually likes him and hates to see him be killed so he slips him a knife to cut the ropes that are tying his hands together. What follows is truly something you have to read yourself to get the full effect!

It is really a great ending and undeniably one of the best good guy/bad guy comical you get what you deserve kind of scenario. The person who wrote this story really has a great gift for comedy mixed with dark humor.

I can't wait to read the next Austin Carr adventure!

Happy Reading!

About the Author:

Former Los Angeles Times reporter Jack Getze is Fiction Editor for Anthony nominated Spinetingler Magazine, one of the internet's oldest websites for noir, crime, and horror short stories. His Austin Carr Mysteries BIG NUMBERS and BIG MONEY are being re-issued by Down and Out Books in 2013, with BIG MOJO set for 2014. His short stories have appeared in A Twist of Noir, Beat to a Pulp and The Big Adios. Getze is an Active Member of Mystery Writers of America's New York Chapter.

Getze's protagonist Austin Carr has his own blog:

I thought this book was such a good book that I wanted to share it with one reader. It will be my hard copy and it's open to the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


Jack Getze said...

Flabbergasted sounds good. Thank you for the kind words, Mary. I'm so glad you got some laughs.

Stephen Alexander said...

Sure and my dad would like it too!

Anita Yancey said...

I think a crime drama that can hold my interest and still make me laugh is great and I would definitely read the book. Thanks for having the giveaway.


Laura West said...

Definitely I would, I always love a little humor added in when it can be done right. It always adds in a little to the story and keeps me reading more.

angel d said...

yes i would just bout anything angel

Beth said...

Sure! I'll try anything!

achan81997 said...

I have never read something like that but I would try. I can give anything a chance

Myrna said...

Yes that sounds like something that I would enjoy.