Monday, December 2, 2013

The Blue Between Book Review

I have a really good fantasy book to share with you today called The Blue Between written by Patricia Little.
Sixteen-year-old Heather Lucas is playing soccer one day when she's hit by lightning, leaving her with a weird scar on her hand. The girl who she clashed with when she got struck dies. Thus Heather becomes the odd one at school, the one everyone whispers about.

To make matters worse, her mom suddenly abandons her, and she experiences blackout moments that she can't explain. Her dad doesn't believe her and she's forced to see a psychiatrist. Also, a new boy at school, Alex, has taken a keen interest in her -- an interest that goes beyond the fact that she's a pretty girl. Who is he, and why is he so interested in her scar and a place called Alanar -- a make-believe place Heather's mother used to talk about?

As Heather becomes more in control of her blackout moments, she taps into 'the blue between,' a place outside of space and time, only to discover shocking realities about her mom and her own origins. The stakes are high, and her mom isn't the only innocent being she must save from the void...
I really enjoyed reading this book about Heather and how she came to terms with her new gift after being struck by lightning. She was on a soccer field playing one night when she was struck by this really weird blue lightning and unfortunately, she was touching another girl at the time and it killed her. She blames herself for the accident and has a hard time adjusting. She even gives up playing soccer and then her mother disappears.

Of course, her mother never told her who she really was and that she is from a different planet and that she has these powers and that she really left to protect her family. But, in doing so, she in fact, destroys each one of them in different ways.

Heather's brother is the only one in her family who believes her when she says she isn't running away, which is what her father thinks when she starts disappearing and showing up in different towns.

Until a new boy in her school comes along and she finds out that he too can travel in the blue light and he tells her an amazing story. She is suppose to be the new savior of this other planet but she doesn't have the same confidence that Alex does, but in time she will.

It's a great book and I hope that you will take the time to read this amazing adventure!

Happy Reading!

About the Author:
I'm currently living in Portland, Oregon; a wonderful city where you don't have to pay sales tax or pump your own gas. I've written three novels and several screenplays, all of them starting out in the real world and then veering off into the otherworldly.

The idea for The Blue Between was simply 'girl gets hit by lightning, then disappears and reappears somewhere else.' Okay, good start, but then what? I was originally going to tell the story with Heather as an adult, struggling with repressed memories of a traumatic event in her past. I wrote a short story about that event called Anywhere But Here, and it was a finalist in the Writer's Digest Writing Competition. That's when I decided to go ahead and stay with 16-year-old Heather as the events unfolded.
I'm currently working on the sequel, where Heather gets into even more trouble with Alex and the Travelers from Alanar.

Connect with Patricia on her website.
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