Monday, December 23, 2013

SitStay Holiday Guide For Dogs Review

Charlie recently got the chance to get a little holiday cheer from a company called SitStay that makes gifts for your best friend, just like my Charlie. We had quite a selection to choose from and we chose this one for him based on what he likes the best, TOYS!

He had a ball trying to get what was inside the canvas like bag opened so he could get at the little gray bear that was inside with his head sticking out! This one was called Do You Hear What I Hear Holiday Gift Set .
Here is what is included in Charlie's treat bag:
  • Plush, Squeaking Alligator Toy
  • On/Off Squeaker Pup 
  • 5 Extra Squeakers (for repairs & added fun)
  • Favorite Squeaky Tennis Ball
  • Companion Plush Teddy Bear Toy
  • SitStay Holiday Gift Bag

We couldn't get the grey bear away from Charlie to include in the above picture so I had to take it separate with him playing with it. He loved that bear by far the best!
He was definitely going to town on that bear! For some reason, he always gravitates towards stuffed bears and dogs more than anything else. He will play with them for hours on end and will only stop if offered to play with his Frisbee or to throw balls.  The best part of all is the on/off switch for the squeaker if you need to take a break from the sound.
Charlie is pretty good about not hitting that unless he wants our attention, then he will squeak it on purpose a few times until we pay him the attention that he wants. He is actually quite smart and has learned what will get my attention!
They have 3 different colors of bears to choose from:
They had another one that I seriously thought about, but Charlie is such a picky eater about treats and I was afraid he wouldn't touch any of the meats offered in this one called Meat Lover's Holiday Gift Set. I have had to give countless treats away due to his being so darn picky!
Holiday Gift Set Includes:
  • Thick Cut Bacon Treats
  • Meat Lovers Biscuit Mix
  • 15 - 6" Bully Sticks
  • Big Ole' Steak Squeaker Toy
  • SitStay Holiday Gift Bag

Along with the two listed above, there is an additional four more to choose from, so I do believe you will find one that suits your dog's personality and nature. Charlie is more playful than interested in treats, so that is why I chose the one that I did. They all look amazing and I would have loved to try any one of them, but I went with the one I knew Charlie would rather have and that is a new Teddy Bear to play with!

They have a lot of other products to choose from also all during the year. They have a lot of different brands of dog foods and dog treats to help you keep your best friend in shape and in good health or even if you spoil them like we do Charlie on occasion, it is all worth it to see him so darn happy!

His favorite jerky is Duck and his favorite snack is the Sweet Potato Fries. I am sure your dog has his/her favorite and you try to get that for them to show how much you love them and want them to be happy and content. I just wish all dogs could feel loved at all times. We pour a lot of love on Charlie and one of the ones that we do that is by getting him the best possible foods and toys that he loves.

You can also get health and wellness products from SitStay such as grooming, supplements, cleaning aids and remedies.

Check out this video to see all the different treats for your dog:

About SitStay: is that family owned, family operated store around the corner from your house. We're a little bit old fashioned with a new fashioned flair. You love your dog and you want the best. We care about that. It's why we've been offering extraordinary dog supplies to you online since 1996. Our dedication is to you and your dog. Our fast shipping and fantastic customer service will please you.  
We are absolutely positive that our attention to your needs, quality products with an emphasis on made in America, made in the USA, and our desire not to ever carry anything that will harm a dog will keep you coming back to us again and again.

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