Thursday, December 5, 2013

Obol Bowl Review

I recently go to try these new amazing bowls for the first time. I actually did not even know that they existed! Yes, I know, I am so far behind in what's new out there in the world since I don't work anymore. But then, the neat thing about it is that I find new stuff all the time and get excited where most people are over and done with it. I get to enjoy the newness all to myself!
These are of course the new Obol Crispy Cereal Bowls that will keep your cereal nice and crispy because of the fact that the bowl separates the cereal from the milk in this really simple design but sorta innovative and futuristic looking!
We received two of these Obol bowls, one is larger than the other so I am thinking it's for a kid while the bigger one is for me!
I loved the colors that we were sent because my kitchen is done in blue and white and I am just about ready for a change. And the red one reminds me of Christmas so that will be my Christmas morning bowl from here on out! All together there are 6 different colors to choose from, even purple, which is what my granddaughter would have chosen.
I grabbed a video off of their site so you can see how easy this works:
I think that the thing I love the best about these cereal bowls is how easy they are to hold. Designing the bowl like so that people like me with RA can hold onto them better because they are wide and thick. Plus, I know you have done this before, just like I have. You don't mean to spill the bowl but it happens. With your hand underneath holding the bowl in the indention, that will help keep you from spilling it!
You know, they are not just for cereal. You can use them for dips on one end and chips on the other, ice cream and cake combos, salads that you want to keep separate from dressing, soups and crackers separated so that your crackers don't get soggy and lots of other things that I am sure you will find uses for this awesome bowl.
Hey, they even have some really awesome looking spoons to go with their Obol bowls!
What was the thought process in designing the Obol bowl?
I eat cereal while working at the computer, while watching television or even in bed. Most of the time, the cereal would get soggy so fast that I had to pour it out, wasting money. One day eating breakfast I was interrupted. When I returned to my cereal after only two minutes, it was a soggy mess. That's when I had my "aha" moment... What if?

Most cereal bowls are not designed to be held. They are slippery, awkward and not designed for the hand. They have no grip area. There is a reason for this...the perfect bowl is not easy to design or manufacture. Size, volume and molding constraints are very challenging. The Obol is the result of two years of design work using 3D CAD solid modeling to produce the perfect bowl that finally ends soggy cereal. In fact, the Obol is so unique, it has been issued two US patents. It is the perfect size, easy to hold, easy to clean and will not break. It is so easy, all you do is Swoop n Scoop.

I also discovered many other uses. Try it with crispy crackers and soup or my favorite, cookies with milk.

The Obol is manufactured in the United States, where rent and labor are more expensive. I believe it is important to help keep jobs here where we live with our family and friends.

I know you will find the Obol to be one of the most practical products in your kitchen. It will bring you wonderful crispy bites for years. 
Connect with Obol:

Phone:  (855) 879-6265

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Stephanie said...

I would choose white.

Gala said...

I'd like it in orange

KMichelleC87 said...

the red obol! this product is genius!!!


Catie said...

I would pick purple!

Carla Shiver said...

I would choose green.Thanks for the giveaway!

jessie2247 said...

I would love it in pink. Thanks for the giveaway!
i_love_books at aol dot com

Sheri F said...

I wold like on the bowls in pink!

rookieabh said...

I would choose blue :)
Ashley Sifers

Kristen said...

I'd choose purple.

M'ris said...

In white! Keep it classic. =)

Paol Trenny said...

I like the SPOONIT - - Paol Trenny..... emscout9 at Hotmail dot com