Monday, December 2, 2013

Nutrisystem Success Stories

6 Nutrisystem Success Stories
When you try to decide if a weight loss program is right for you, it often helps to see what others have experienced with it. This is because as you read testimonies, you relate to the people behind them. You may face the same obstacles, fears, and challenges. Perhaps you identify with their goals.
Here are the interesting reports of 6 people who tried Nutrisystem.
Claire of Palmerton, PA

Claire is 62 years old, and has battled with weight her whole life.  In 2009, she attended a wedding feeling totally down and discouraged about her appearance.  She started Nutrisystem in early 2010.  By August, she had lost 40 lbs, weighing in at 125 lbs and going from a size 16 to a size 6.  The first time Claire was able to wear a pair of size 6 jeans, she cried.  Three years later, she has maintained her weight at a stable 128.  She says that the best part of her weight loss is that her brother, who teased her about her weight most of her life, now calls her skinny.

Karen of Boston, MA

Karen has used Nutrisystem twice – the first time on the program, she lost 10 lbs, and the second time, she lost 20.  She cites the portion control aspect of the diet program to be the most helpful.  She says that the food, particularly the frozen food, is also delicious and very filling.

Speaking about the food, there is a misconception in the minds of many people that pre-packaged food doesn’t taste good. The consensus is that there are many delectable meals in the Nutrisystem menu.
Gilbert of Torrance, CA
Gilbert was able to lose 18 lbs on Nutrisystem, an average of 5 lbs per month.  The challenge now, he says, is to keep the weight off in a smart way.  A downside of the program was that the food was not as good as advertised – the tomato-based products, in particular, were not as satisfying as had been advertised.  If he had to do the program again, Gilbert says, he would avoid certain foods on the program.  Otherwise, he says, the diet plan works. Gilbert echoes the opinion of many others who lost weight on Nutrisystem and kept it off, like Susan, Charlene, and Lisa—read about them on

Lois of Nazareth, PA
Lois says that Nutrisystem is the only plan that ever worked for her.  She lost 42 lbs in 5 months.  She learned portion control and enjoyed the foods allowed on the program.  Initially, Lois thought that she would not be able to handle cooking foods for her husband without being able to eat them, but she says that through her determination and mental fortitude she was able to avoid the temptation of tasting food mindlessly as she was cooking it.  Lois dropped two dress sizes and hopes to continue losing on her own, without Nutrisystem.  The diet plan was the boost of motivation that she needed.

Kevin of Dallas, TX
Kevin lost 15 lbs in four months with Nutrisystem.  “There is no miracle to losing weight,” he says.  “You are not going to lose 30 lbs in 30 days.  But if you discipline yourself and stay with the diet, you might lose 30 lbs in six months.”  With the food and coaching, he states, “I was able to get where I needed to go.”
Debra of Two Rivers, WI
Debra says that Nutrisystem is “the easiest diet I have ever been on.”  After the holidays, last year, Debra decided that it would be the perfect time to lose a few pounds.  She started her weight loss journey at a size 18, weighing 214 lbs.  Over 5 months, she lost 8 dress sizes and 47 lbs.  Debra actually enjoys clothes shopping now!