Saturday, December 28, 2013

LifeLong Sobriety Book Spotlight & Giveaway**Closed**

Publisher: BRPBooks
Pages: 238 pages
ISBN:  978-0989569811

Lifelong Sobriety is the first recovery book that emphasizes the importance of taking care of emotional health. Prolonged drug use impairs judgment and the ability to focus for long periods of time. Drug users need a short book, with content that demonstrates brevity in every chapter. Lifelong Sobriety is such a book. It is structured around short, precise and highly accessible chapters. Each chapter is designed to teach about or change a specific behavior.  
Chapter contents include extensive anecdotes of current and recovering drug users, along with advice relevant to the chapter topic. There are no scientific studies, no research facts, and no academic jargon that will inspire a drug addict not to seek help or continue the path of recovery. The book offers straight talk in plain sensible language. The thirty-four chapters contain the kind of simple advice a recovering drug addict might encounter in a recovery group. These stories will help readers gain insight into their own compulsive behavior, their distorted thinking and help them find the answers to their issues. 
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Lauren Stevens said...

Would love to check this book out - I could definitely use a boost to my program of recovery!

M.j. said...

Oh it is on my goodreads. If I don't win it I will buy it. It's nice to see a book of recovery. Thanks.

Brooke Bumgardner said...

This sounds like a great book....I have a history of working with substance abusers. Any book on recovery is welcomed!