Saturday, December 7, 2013

Denise Richards Perfume Review

I recently got a new perfume that Denise Richards herself has launched and wow, the bottle is amazing all by itself! Just take a look. It has the feel of being luxurious without the price tag that usually comes with such an elegant look! I was really amazed to find out that Denise Richards new perfume is being sold for only $29.95 for the 3.4 oz size or the 1.7 oz size for $20.00. See what I mean? Parfumologie is the company that helped Denise Richards make and market this awesome new fragrance.
Description of Denise Richards:
Sensations of warmth and vitality draw you into a top of hydrating coconut water, sun-soaked plumeria and sensual ylang-ylang.  
Volumptuous bouquet blooms at the heart with lush gardenia, enthralling jasmine sambac, tropical tiare and breathtaking white lily. 
A delicate back of warm musk, creamy vanilla and soft violet wood envelops the fragrance in lasting comfort. 
This scent reminds me of youth bottled up for eternity and for that reason, I am saving it to give to my granddaughter for Christmas. I did spray it once to give myself a chance to wear it and get others opinions and then I packaged it right up and put it under the tree for her.

It suits her to a T! She loves the scents of flowers and the vanilla that comes thru is the icing on the cake. She also loves scents that have coconut in them, so this will be her dream come true of the perfect scent for her. It reminds me of what it used to be like to be young and carefree, which is why I decided to give it to her instead of keeping it for myself.

I can tell you one thing for sure, Charlie, our Yorkie, loved it! He has a great sense for fragrance and if he tries to lick it off of me, I know it's great and if he doesn't, then maybe I should reconsider using it. Well, he definitely tried to get at my wrist several times that day! So, it has Charlie's seal of approval which is good enough for me!

About Denise Richards:
From Bond girl to best-selling author, to mother of three daughters, Denise Richards has captivated the world with her charming personality and stunning beauty. But beyond the glamorous Hollywood persona lies a modern, independent and real person whom women from all walks of life can relate to.  
Denise’s hands-on approach is reflected in every aspect of the project. She worked tirelessly with master perfumers to perfect the fragrance, and coupled it with a unique bottle and package that is not only strikingly beautiful, but embodies her multi-faceted personality and deep, seducing blue eyes. The end result is a fragrance that is as natural, fascinating and unique as the woman who created it.  
In creating her signature fragrance, Denise Richards evokes her fondest memories of soft tropical evenings. Combining exotic white flowers, warm, comforting vanilla, and hints of coconut and plumeria, the result is a fragrance that personifies Denise’s natural beauty and casual elegance. Denise Richards uses the most luxurious ingredients to compose a fragrance that is both sensual and timeless, treating the wearer to the idyllic warmth of a tropical breeze.
Buy Denise Richards new perfume online HERE.
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Sharon Martin said...

That's one very lucky Granddaughter indeed !!