Friday, December 6, 2013

Chivalry and Malevolence Book Review
I have a really good short book for you to read that is a YA Fantasy and is just the right size for anyone who loves to read but likes them to be somewhat short. The book is called Chivalry & Malevolence written by Rae Z. Ryans.
Malevolence ruled her.

The Alfheimian Unseelie Court sentenced an innocent man to death. The elven Princess Morgana refused to sit idly by, as her people murdered the human Knight. Without her Myst, she must rely on courage and quick wit to save him. Enveloped in her own masked prison, she must break herself free. The laws of her people demanded his death. Turmoil, not love and respect, ruled the Unseelie Court. Could she break the mold to rescue the chivalrous silver-man?

The Myst loved him.

Sir Thomas Graftfield did not question his duty or honor. He held his faith and codes close to his heart. Upon returning home from the crusades, he wanders through a portal. In the blink of an eye, his life changed forever, as the strange creatures surrounded him. Captured and facing certain the death, the young knight sought solace in his final hours. He did not expect to find it in the shrouded woman.

Mori remained his only hope, but to save him, Thomas realized she must first save herself.
This was a great little novella type story that packed a good bit of a story into such a small book. Of course, there is another one coming that will pick up where this one left off but you still got a good story with a good plot that will keep you wanting more.

I was surprised at the end when something really wonderful happened to Mori and some of the past pain that her mother, the Queen inflicted on her. For some odd reason, that maybe we will learn later in the story as it unfolds, this Queen doesn't want or like her daughters. It just hinted at it in this book, but I have the feeling she may have had something to do with her daughters not being alive. It seems maybe she doesn't like the competition?

Mori and Thomas are off to a good start but I know from other stories that that doesn't necessarily mean that there won't be bumps in the future. Especially with another book coming out soon. It will be interesting to what the future holds for a human in another realm that has no other human in it but himself.

Happy Reading!
About the Author:
Rae Z. Ryans currently resides in Tumbleweed, Alabama, with her four demons (cats), three lycans (dogs), three sprites (kiddos), and her “normal” mood-shifting husband. Born in Alaska and raised in New Jersey, Rae now calls the south her home. Oh, and contrary to popular belief, Rae never lived in an igloo.
She claims to own a pink elephant that buy shoes and books. While there is plenty of proof that Rae loves both, no one can prove the existence of Punky the elephant. She would point out that we can’t disprove it either.

All kidding aside, Rae is an alternate ego who enjoys writing urban and historical fantasy/paranormal in her spare time. With a deep love for mythology and history, she blends the two together, and creates new worlds, heroic obstacles, and weaves dark tales. These works are often loosely inspired by Norse Mythology, but with plenty of unique twists.

She is currently working on a secret (shh) new steampunk series and continuing to write the Nine Realms series: Alfheim and Midgard.


Della Bercovitch said...

Hi Mary,

On behalf of Rae Z. Ryans and Book Marketing Services, I would like to thank you for hosting Rae today on Mary’s Cup of Tea. Thank you for taking the time to read Chivalry and Malvolence, reviewing it and recommending it to your readers. If anyone has any questions and/or comments they would like to share with Rae, please leave them in the comment box. She will be by later in the day to respond.

Rae is the winner of Book Marketing Services’ giveaway and she is having a giveaway of her own on her tour. Remember to enter for an opportunity to win. 1st prize: $20 Amazon Gift Card; 2nd prize: A “Rae Z. Ryans” Bookmark. You have until Sunday, December 8th at midnight EST to enter.

Rae Ryans said...

Mary thank you for hosting me and for your kind words. I always find myself apologizing for the shortness of Chivalry and Malevolence, and if anyone caught my radio interview yesterday, I explained why ;)

Contention and Mayhem is the second novella (I know, I know) in the Alfheim series, but I don't have an official release date yet.