Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wind And Shadow Book Review

Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: Melange Books (June 20, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1612356397
ISBN-13: 978-1612356396  
Rayvin Woods, photographer and natural witch. She just wanted to start her life over again after a series of misadventures. She didn't count on rekindling a lost love when she came home to Talbot. . .or battling a malevolent vampire and his coven for her life. Grant Michaels, police officer. He thought Rayvin was a murderer. He will do whatever it takes to protect the community he loves from danger. . .but will he learn to trust his heart, and the word of a witch, before it's too late?  
Malcolm de Sade, cunning vampire, imprisoned underground for a year by Charlotte Fanning and Pike Mahonen ("Mist and Midnight", Midnight Thirsts). His accidental release unleashes his hunger and ambition on a small, sleepy town. . .
I loved this book! It did start out a little slow in the beginning but after about the first chapter it really got going and from that point on it was nothing but action, action, action! I do have to tell you that this is not the end of the story and there will be another book coming, well actually two books, one is a prequel and then the one that picks up after this book.
Once all the drama about Rayvin and Jason gets all talked out is when things get interesting. Rayvin in a witch and I guess I don't understand the whole concept of witches because if it had been me, things would have turned out differently. But, I guess it's easier talking when you are doing the looking and not the living, but if I had been a witch a lot of those bad things wouldn't have happened to me because I would have used my magic. What is the point of having it if you aren't going to use it to protect yourself and see things?
But, it's a good story and I was bummed to see the ending the way it did. I can't believe how fast this vampire worked his evil or how fast these people turned on each other after knowing each other their whole lives! But, there are some great love story moments and then there are some downright sad moments. Can't wait to see what the author does with all of this in the next book.
I definitely want to see Jason get his just rewards, that is for sure. Also, even though he is evil, you almost feel a little sorry for the head vampire. He seems to be very lonely and just going about it in the wrong way. But, I definitely did not like the way he did Rayvin or Grant, so he will have to go!
If you are into the Vampire books that are floating around, this one won't disappoint. Lots of surprises abound in this book that I didn't think vampires could do!
Happy Reading!
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About Author: 
After her first heartbreak, Tori found solace in two things: reading romance novels and listening to an after-dark radio program called Lovers and Other Strangers. Throughout the summer and fall of 1990, the new kid in town found reading fiction and writing her own short stories gave her a much needed creative outlet. Determined to become a published author, Tori amassed stacks of notebooks and boxes of filed-away stories, most only half-finished before another idea would overtake her and demand to be written down.

Then, while on parental leave with her second baby, one story formed and refused to be packed away. Between teaching full-time, parenting, and life in general, it would take almost seven years before the first novel in her first trilogy would be completed. In the process, Tori finally found her stride as a writer.

At present, on her off-time, Tori not only enjoys reading, but also listening to an eclectic mix of music as she walks the family dog (Skittles), attempts to turn her thumb green, or makes needlework gifts for her friends and family members. She loves to travel, collect and make miniature furniture, and a good cup of tea during a thunderstorm or a blizzard. Under it all, she is always intrigued by history, the supernatural, vampire and shapeshifter mythology, romance, and other dangers.


agaue81 said...

My daughter loves reading about vampires and witches. she is 15 and can't get enough of them. its hard finding her books that he would like but I know she would love this one.

agaue81 said...

my email addy is

krissylu said...

I love both!

Tori L. Ridgewood said...

Thanks so much for the lovely review, Mary! I'd love to know what you think of the prequel novella, definitely -- it's called "Mist and Midnight and is now available from Melange Books as a single. Book Two: Blood and Fire is due out this winter, and Book Three: Crystal and Wand is going to be released in June 2014.

It's so great when people comment that they like the excerpts and are interested in reading it! Thank you, agaue81 and krissylu! I'd like to add a caution, though -- Wind and Shadow is definitely 18+.

Best wishes,
Tori L. Ridgewood

valclarizio said...


Congrats on the nice review. Your book sounds like an awesome read!


Michelle Esperanza said...

I looovvee vampires and witches stories, especially spells and incantation (even if its fiction). They intrigue me so much.

Lu Ann Worley said...

It depends on the writer and the story.
Since the Twilight series, I believe that vampires and werewolves have been overdone. What made Twilight such a powerful series has been missed by too many authors.
I like fun witch tales but took many go to the extreme and they are not fun anymore.

Tori L. Ridgewood said...

Thanks, Val!

Michelle, I have a feeling you'd really dig Wind and Shadow -- the spells and magickal information are researched, and from my own experience.

Lu Ann, I know exactly what you mean. When I was writing this, I kept thinking, "I don't want this to be like Twilight!" as much as I love it, and I've been told it's refreshing and different. I hope you'll read it and tell me what you think!


Julie Simpson said...

I get these types of books all the time for my daughter. She loves them. She will sit and read it cover to cover in a day.

Jasmine1485 said...

I LOVE reading about vampires, witches, faeries, psychics, leprechauns, anything spooky or paranormal is right up my alley :)

Jasmine1485 said...

Oh and I'm logged into RC as Katherine Ryan

Abinormyl said...

I do love paranormal books. I love the thought of what could be in these worlds. =)

Thank you for the giveaway.


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