Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Warm Buddy Body Wrap Review

I have another great product from Warm Buddy to share with you today and it's the Body Wrap! If you remember I had already reviewed a smaller version sometime last year. I have loved using it but it just isn't big enough to go the length of my tummy or back, so this new one works much better.
This awesome Body Wrap is in the Aqua Swirl and the other side is a really pretty velvety brown color. They have six different colors to choose from including a leopard print. It is 10" x 20" and is perfect to lay across my tummy when my I.C. (chronic bladder pain) or IBS is acting up. Just pop it in the microwave and heat it up for a great way to help with body aches and pains.
You can also cool it in the freezer if cold therapy works better for you. I have tried it on my RA and it really doesn't work as well for me. But, that is just a personal thing, not an indication that anything is wrong with this product. I just do better with heat. Now, Mike on the other hand, uses it cold for his bad headaches that he gets and it works perfectly.
A Body Wrap contains natural milled rice & lavender flowers. It has LONG HEAT HOLDING ability of 1 hour or longer. Makes a very effective cold pack (place in freezer 1-2 hours).
Use heat wrap therapy for relief of aches, pain and stress. A great hot water bottle alternative for warming up beds. Packaged for travel and the cover is washable. Below is another product that they make. This is a Warming Pillow which is great for travelling. If you need to carry something with you while you travel for your aches and pains, this would be the perfect product.

Warm Buddy Company creates world famous microwavable aromatherapy heat packs, heat wraps, eye pillow, luxurious spa robes and the original warm-up stuffed plush animals. Warm Buddy heat wraps and heat packs provide natural relief from aches, pains and stress. A recent study proved that heat wrap therapy was more effective than oral pain medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen at treating lower back pain.

Warm Buddy Eye Pillows and Sleep Masks are designed to provide gentle warmth and acupressure to help promote deep restful sleep. Warm Buddy products are proudly made in Canada. Below are warming socks for your feet. Use these Warming Socks to warm cold feet, treat foot pain, increase ciculation and promote sleep. They are great for all kinds of spa treatments as well.

Here is what I found in the About Us section:
Karen McKee is the president of Warm Buddy Company. Her background as a Registered Nurse combined with her interest in alternative therapies, herbal medicine and aromatherapy, led to studies in India at a natural healing hospital. She noted the hospital's application of herbal preparations and heat therapy to provide comfort and relief for many conditions.

Upon her return to Canada, Karen discovered a heat wrap that was microwaveable and loved using it - so easy and comforting. An idea was born.

With her idea and innovative thinking Karen McKee developed the first Warm Buddy™ heat wrap in 1995. These heat wraps surpassed what was on the market with improved heat holding capabilities, the addition of herbs and essential oils and unique designs and shapes. Originally, Warm Buddy products were aimed at the medical market and were widely used by medical practitioners and massage therapists in their treatments.

Karen's Warm Buddy product line quickly grew and evolved. The development of our warm-up plush animals, known to many as Warm Buddies, included teddy bears, kittens and puppies. These cute stuffed push animals added a new dimension to the Warm Buddy business. Warm Buddy warm-up plush animals are a huge comfort to sick children and have been used in children's cancer wards, as well as helping to soothe and relieve aches, pains and stress in the elderly.

Warm Buddy warm-up plush animals have recently won the PTPA Media award for excellence in parenting products.  
You can connect with Warm Buddy by several choices:
Mailing Address:
Warm Buddy Company
#4 - 801 West 1st Street
North Vancouver, BC  V7P 1A4
Phone: 1-888-649-0649 and Fax: 604-984-3212
Phone: 1-877-649-9276

The awesome folks at Warm Buddy are going to give one of you the same Body Wrap that I just reviewed in my Great Gifts Giveaway Hop that starts on November 7th and ends on the 17th! You will love the warmness for your aching bones and muscles! Open to the U.S. and Canada only. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.  


Sara said...

A body wrap could be useful

Jennifer Hiles said...

This looks like it would be fantastic for my neck. I have so many neck problems and am always looking for a solution!

Marti Tabora said...

This would be perfect for my mom. When the temperature gets below 75, she is miserable. She is so cold natured that it's hard to keep her warm. She would love one of these. Thanks.
Marti Tabora

Claire said...

I suffer from chronic pain and fibromyalgia and would love one of these. Thanks

mona543 said...

I have a smaller heat bag from Warm Buddy, and I use it almost daily due to back and other body pain. Winning a large Body Wrap would be such a blessing...and you can be sure it would be put to good use!! :)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Mary!

Marisa Johnson said...

I really like this product. The size seems just right. If I were lucky enough to win this, I would give it to my husbands aunt who has MS. I do believe this would make a difference.

Eva said...

I would love to have something like this to help me with my sensory disorder. Do we simply comment to be considered for the giveaway? Thanks so much!

Glogirl said...

Looks like a great product! I can see many uses for this body wrap.