Thursday, November 14, 2013

Upload Book Review

I have a Sci-Fi Fantasy book to share with you called Upload written by Mark McClelland.
His criminal past catching up with him, a troubled young man seeks escape into digital utopia by uploading his consciousness into a computer - just as first love casts his life in a new light. In this thrilling near-future science-fiction novel, Mark McClelland explores the immense potential of computer-based consciousness and the philosophical perils of simulated society.
Now, I will admit I am not a computer geek so a lot of what was said in this story went over my head and it will get a tad bogged down with too much technical information, but overall it's a really good story and book.

Raymond starts out a pretty okay kid and then he goes to work for this older man and he gets caught up in a cover up when he should have just dealt with the minor offense and it would have been done, end of story but he didn't and then he did more things to make it worse until he had to watch his back.

Things go wrong at his work and he loses it and decides to upload his mind into the computer, and he vaguely hears voices but then everything goes dark and black. Sometime later on he is woke up and he couldn't remember a lot of stuff about the Upload and how he did it can he control it.

I can tell you this, there are make believe animals, people, slaves, butlers, all kinds of fish, and many more not normal things going on inside this computer.

It is hard to believe but in some ways this computer world that Raymond created and thought was going to be his perfect hideaway and escape turns out to be a prison and not a very nice place to stay. On top of all of that, several people have found out what he was going to do and followed him!

So, now he's not the only one inside the computer and to make matters worse, they get to leave, and he cannot.  So, the rest of the story is about him following clues all over his make believe world gathering evidence that he can use to help himself and the real world.

Happy Reading!


Ann said...

I would load my memories for future generations.

ann [dot] m [dot] vuong [at] gmail [dot] com

Anita Yancey said...

I don't think I would want my brain loaded into a computer if I were to die. There is just something that sounds creepy about it. Thanks for having the giveaway.


Robyn Donnelly said...

Book sounds interesting. Don't think anyone would want my brain though lol. Name Robyn Donnelly email:

Julia Cosgrove said...

I think I would rather convert to vampirism. I am not a big computer lover so I do not think I want to be in one.