Friday, November 15, 2013

Plain Peace Book Review

I have another great Amish book to share with you called Plain Peace written by Beth Wiseman.
Anna loves the grandfather who raised her, but his strict adherence to the Ordnung is scaring away any boy who might be interested in her—except newcomer Jacob.  
In normal circumstances Anna Byler would have her choice of any of the young men in her Amish community. But because of the strict rules enforced by her grandfather, the bishop, the available suitors are afraid to court her. Then handsome Jacob Hostetler moves to Paradise and decides Anna is worth the challenge. 
Anna sees that the bishop’s legalism is dividing the community and risking the lives of its members—but her grandfather doesn’t. When she is forced to deception in order to pursue her dream of marriage and family with Jacob, Anna feels her own faith slipping. If only she could get her grandmother to help her stand up to the bishop. But Mammi is keeping secrets of her own. 
Anna wants to honor her grandparents, the two most important people in her life, but her heart is divided by the rules that guide their little Amish community and the growing love she has for Jacob. How can she be true to both?
Seems like it is hard for the Amish to come to terms with some things. In this book, it is hard for the grandparents, especially the grandfather to let go of his granddaughter, Anna. I think it's because her parents were killed and he is afraid of losing her, so he runs her suitors off.

But, the new man in town, Jacob decides he will not let her grandfather stand in their way. His mother, Cora makes friends with Anna's grandmother and that seems to help some. Anna's grandmother is a diabetic and her grandfather won't let her go to the doctor for treatment. One day, she goes into a diabetic shock and is taken to the hospital.

That single event sets things in motion for everyone concerned, most importantly, the grandmother herself.

What does she do? And how does this effect Anna and Jacob? Will the two families finally reach a peace that they both need? Jacob's family is also suffering due to a death in the family and need to be healed also. Anna's grandmother's trip to the hospital free's more than one person, it is an uplifting effect on both families.

Happy Reading!

I thought this was such a great story and a great meaning that I decided to share this book with one reader. It is a hard copy so it's open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


Renee G said...

I like reading them and my mom loves reading them. I would share this with her.

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Yes I do love reading them!

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I have read a couple Amish books before and i did enjoy them.

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Anita Yancey said...

I do like reading stories about the Amish. I find their life fascinating. Thanks for having the giveaway.


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Erin said...

I love to read Amish stories! One of my favorite genre's! :)

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Yes, I like to read Amish stories, thanks!

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