Monday, November 4, 2013

Le Pampered Skincare Products Review

I was sent all these lovely products to review from LePampered Pig and I know that all of you have seen and heard of them before, especially here on my blog. I love their products and anytime I get to review something or even just to offer something in a giveaway, I am thrilled to have them here.

Although the products that I have reviewed won't be the products that the winner will get in my Holiday HoHoHo Hop Giveaway, the products that you do win will be just as awesome. There is only one product that I haven't reviewed, but I have reviewed the Silky Sow Smoothing Oil and the Cream of the Trough. I will show you some pictures at the end of this post. The Giveaway Event starts on November 22nd and ends on December 6th. The package will be worth $29.00.
You gotta love Linda for being so creative with her products and the name of the Skincare Company being Le Pampered Pig. Who would have ever thought to name it after a Pig? I have reviewed many an item from Linda because she is so sweet and generous and I love helping her out, too, when I can. 
She has so many products that I could never tell you about all of them in one post, so we are gonna concentrate on the Co Q-10 Serum for now. This moisture serum helps mitigate the effects of UV exposure and environmental stressors. Treat your face with the benefits of  vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to keep your skin looking fresh. It's the perfect daily moisturizer! It comes in a 1 oz bottle.
I truly believe in the organic/natural products more today than I ever have because of all the health issues I have. I have tried to find skincare products that work and are effective without all of the chemicals that are in them. I am hearing a lot about the chemicals in our skincare and makeup more now than I ever have.  I think we are finally waking up that they can work just as well and not harm us any further.
You will love this awesome Q-10 Serum from Le Pampered Pig! I don't know how Linda comes up with all these idea's or if someone helps but whatever they are doing, they need to keep it up. I have not had a product yet that I didn't like or did not work. Take that to the bank!

This is the Caffeinated Tea Toner and it really does have a slightly nice tea scent to it. I am a firm believer in Toner's, although I have heard Dermatologist's say it really isn't necessary but for me personally, I love them. And this is one of the better ones that I have tried recently, so I recommend this one if you are a Toner gal like me. This one has Darjeeling and Guarana Tea's to make this heavenly concoction.

They give me that extra bit of moisture I need since I have dry skin and when it dries, my face feels tighter/firmer and everything else just seems to go on much better.  And of course, it comes in a spray bottle to make it much easier to use. I have had some skincare lines send me toner in a bottle with no sprayer and I don't like those because I always end up getting it everywhere!

I have in a pinch used it at night to take my makeup off when Mike is yelling, Let's go to bed, why aren't you done yet?  Must be nice to be a man and not have to do much to either get ready to go somewhere or to get ready for bed! I sure do wish we could trade places sometimes, how about you?
Linda has made 5 scents in this Porkfume and some sound like they are a little bit like the name brand but I got the one called Babe.  The scent is kind of like a  powdery sandalwood and Linda says they are flying off the shelves faster than she can make them!
These small vials of scented oil pack a powerful punch. They are generously scented with designer type fragrances and easy to apply with a roller ball tip. The premium carrier oils are selected for their resistance to oxidation. Now, this are what I really love, the roller ball! That way the scent can go wherever you want it to and not on your clothes.

I used to have some really good perfume back when I was younger and it was a little bit of a golden brown color and I made the mistake of spraying some of that on a white or off white shirt and that stain never did come out. I had to throw away one of my best shirts at the time. So, nowadays, I am more careful where I spray but with the roller ball, all of that is a mute point!

Lastly, I have the Shine Swine Lip Sticker! A perfect topper when you are about ready to head out the door, I always wait til then to use my Lip Gloss or Lip Stick because it stays on longer that way and it looks fresh.
This highly lubricious emollient blend in a convenient wand applicator imparts long-lasting moisture to the lips and kicks up the shine! It does not color the lips. It does, however, make your lips very happy.
I got the Cherry Vanilla because I love vanilla flavored lip balms and the Cherry looked like it would blend into a light shine with just enough color to make you look super duper! I almost got the Piggy Colada but figured it would just leave a shine with no color. Which sometimes I do want that, but this time I went with the color.
Here is a little bit about the founder of Le Pampered Pig:
Our founder and Chief Formulator has a Bachelors degree in Biology and a Masters degree as a Physician Assistant (PA). As a PA she has an underlying understanding of skin physiology, the ability to select ingredients based on performance, efficacy, and safety profile.  
While working as a chemist for a major auto manufacturer it became evident that there were no suitable products available in the marketplace to adequately protect the skin from the harsh environment of a manufacturing facility other than mass-produced products that left an unpleasant greasy-waxy feel on the skin.  
Drawing on her experience working in the manufacturing environment as well as having a medical background she created the products necessary for adequate and proper skin care and protection. The products worked so well that it was decided it would be a welcome addition to the public marketplace and the response has been overwhelming! 
We specialize in luxury artisan body care products. We are a cottage industry boutique-type manufacturer. Our products are created & packaged in small batches, to ensure the recipient is receiving fresh merchandise. We offer high quality products- proudly made in Michigan!  We do not use pre-made run-of-the-mill base materials and add scent for resale!  
Our own research has given us insight into the needs of the body's skin to retain its natural feel and soft to the touch.
Connect with Le Pampered Pig several ways:

Shop phone 734-482-2333

Here are pictures of what will be in the package:

Silky Sow Smoothing Oil

Cream of the Trough
Pumpkin Patch Salt Spa Bar

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.


MikiHope said...

I really would like to try that perfume roll-on Babe-I love the smell of sandlewood! So she somehow incorporated CQ 10 normally taken orally to strengthen the heart into skin care products--interesting!

desiree reilly said...

iliek the way she did the bottle they are small enoguh that a senior cna handle or someone with small hsnds

Becky Bryant said...

Thanks for this awesome review. The products sound very wonderful and I love the way she came up with the unique names for the products. What a neat thing. Plus, they sound like they are wonderful products. Thanks for all the information on each product

Melissa Storms said...

I love the product names and that the products are made in small batches.

V Hubler said...

There products look amazing the toner is something I would definitely love to try

Llilli Hiles said...

I could really use the Co Q-10 Serum. I have a lot of sun damage to my skin. I'd love to try their products sometime.

ann said...

Such cute names for their products with the piggie on them. I would like to try the CQ-10 serum. thanks

Carol L. said...

I love the roll on perfume idea. I too have stained clothes in the past from spraying too close to my clothing. The serum is another product I'd love to try. Thanks for the post on this unique company.
Another awesome review.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Danielle Royalegacy said...

I would really like to try their Cream of the Trough lotion. Sounds soothing. Another one I would like to try is the CQ-10 serum.

Jennifer Hiles said...

I would love to try the Caffeinated Tea Toner, It sounds very interesting!

charychild said...

Oh wow, caffeinated toner? I'll take a shot of that in the morning.