Friday, November 22, 2013

GRATiAE Cosmetics Replenishing Eye Cream Review

I have a new skincare company to share with you and thought I would start with this informative YouTube video that does a really great job of filling us in on some great points. The company is called GRATiAE Cosmetics (this is the official USA site to order from) and they sent me their Replenishing Eye Cream to review.

Their Replenishing Eye Cream is just like all their other products, it's organic and you can rest assured that they don't use a lot of ingredients such as these:
Artificial Colors, Dioxins, Petrochemicals, Animal derivatives, Petrolatum, Hexane, Phthalates, Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Aluminum and Animal Derived Ingredients.
GRATiAE believes in using the best organic and natural ingredients to enhance beauty and avoid the toxic chemicals and ingredients that interfere with that. And I can't agree more. I have enough medical problems without adding stuff to it.

Someone once asked me why I had stopped doing a lot of the beauty routine that I used to do religiously. I told them that I found that once I quit working and didn't need to put on makeup anymore, that when I did put it on, I noticed that my eyes and nose would water and run constantly. So, I took a step back and realized what I thought was outside allergies or seasonal allergies might actually be coming from the stuff I am putting on my face! I do much better with natural or organic products.

This awesome eye cream combats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as reduces puffiness and black circles around the eyes. This replenishing eye cream contains a newly developed beneficial blend of thermo-mineral water, restorative natural flora, and organic oats and oil. It re-tones the skin, balances the moisture level, and boosts cell renewal. This jar of eye cream costs $350, so I am not sure I will be able to get another one, so I am enjoying this one to the max!

I love the feel of this creamy texture. It goes on smoothly, with little effort and the most important thing is that it doesn't bother me. It acts very fast and absorbs almost immediately into the skin around my eyes. Our eyes are our most delicate area of our body and I for one am trying my best to pay attention to what it tells me. No more tears will be coming out of my eyes because of a product that I put there, you can count on that!

Directions for use:

Onto cleansed skin, apply the cream in soft, circular movements until absorbed. For best results, precede the application of the Replenishing Eye Cream with an application of their Replenishing Eye Serum. They recommend the serum, but I don't have it, so I have to skip that part. But if you can, it probably works better if you have both of them at the same time.

Where does the main ingredients come from?
The origins of beauty are hidden from the eye and the most powerful ingredients which are the base of GRATiAE beauty products erupt from underneath the ground. The small mineral-rich thermal spring situated near the Sea of Galilee was discovered centuries ago by the Roman emperor Hadrian who also gave it its name – GRATiAE (grace) after the Three Grace, goddesses of charm, beauty, and fertility in the Roman Mythology.  
The springs’ water, that erupt at up to 125°, are rich with therapeutic and rejuvenating properties gained world fame with their amazing effect on the skin, regaining its beauty and youth.  
People from all over the world seek the powers of this special spring and bathe in its revitalizing water. GRATiAE—Organic Beauty by Nature— is an anti-aging skin care line that challenges the effects of time on our skin.  Its products include a winning blend of Gratiae’s thermal spring water and its exclusive minerals, flora that is unique to the Sea of Galilee area, and organic plants.  
The GRATiAE line is specially designed for both men and women who care about true quality and appreciate natural, organic, and healthy skin-care products. With GRATiAE your skin will glow with health and inner beauty.
You can find a more detailed description of what each ingredient is that they use in their skincare by checking out this LINK. I was going to list them but there are quite a few. It pays to know what you are using, so if you have some time, check it out.

They have a lot more products than just the eye products that I have mentioned. Just like any other skincare line, you can get anything from cleansers to toners to moisturizers and special treatments. They also have products for the body, nails and even men's products. They also have a more aggressive line called Ultrox for more specific needs.

I was looking over their site and saw that they have been in quite a few magazines lately. I thought I recognized the name from Elle, and sure enough, that is where I had seen them before. They have also been in Cosmopolitan, Harper Bazaar and Cosmo Girl.

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