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Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle Review

I have a really awesome new glass bottle to share with you called Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle that you will absolutely love to use! Almost all of the bottles are clear but they have some really cute colors that trim the top and bottom of the bottles with a few that have some really 1980's wild disco like colors going on! I grabbed the above video to give you a really good idea of what all these awesome glass water bottles can do.
Here is the one that I got to review:
I picked this color because I like it and my granddaughter loves the color. I figure if I decide to give it to her as one of her Christmas gifts, then at least I should get a color that I know she will love. Or if I keep it for myself, that is all good too! I don't know about the rest of you, but in the summer especially, I like the idea of having a glass that is covered, especially here in the south. We, unfortunately, have a lot of gnats in the summer and they just love to dip into our drinks! Each Glasstic bottle holds 16 oz. of liquid.

Look at how secure and well sealed that the top of this glass bottle is making it pretty leak proof. The actual bottle is double walled instead of single like most water bottles are.
I appreciate how well it is constructed because that tells me that my beverage, regardless of what it is, will not leak all over me if I happen to be driving and need to get a drink but can't necessarily look down to see how far I have tilted my glass.
The hole at the top of the bottle is perfect for one of those bigger style straws, just the way that I like them. I can't stand those little bitty thin ones that look like they are going to break in two if you happen to bite them!

If you notice the slide button on the top, it is very thick and secure also and won't easily be able to open by little fingers. Hopefully, your small toddler won't figure out how to open this any time soon! I do not recommend using this as a training cup because it is way too large for their hands to hold onto.

Here are some key features you need to know about Glasstic's Shatterproof Glass Bottle:

Shatterproof: Designed with a glass insert on the inside of a durable plastic outer casing that helps protect from breakage while providing containment and shatter proofing even if the glass does break.  Our customers love that we offer glass insert replacements for the life of the product for just the cost of shipping.  This encourages reuse.

Safe & Pure: contains a 16oz pure glass insert on the inside where your liquids are and a BPA Free Plastic outer shell around the glass to provide durability and containment.  No risk of bad chemicals leaching into your water or beverage.

Clean: Product can be easily disassembled and cleaned manually or in the top rack of a dishwasher.

Temperate: Double layered protection with a space between the glass and plastic which provides for total condensation protection and some additional insulation for your beverage.  Won’t make a mess on your wood table!

Easy to Use: Leak-proof flip cap lid to “drink on the go” and a safety lock to prevent  accidental opening & leakage.

Look at the colors that you can get them in:

They also have some really nice designs!
 They have a few other designs but these are the two that caught my eye the most. I love the heart design because it's about love and would make an awesome love related gift such as an Anniversary or Valentine's Day.
The blue one spoke to me because it's gorgeous, my kitchen is done in blue, it's a color I think a man would like and mostly because it just looks awesome!

Something else that you will want to know about these great bottles is that they are BPA free. The protective outer shell, the cap and the base are all BPA free. Also, the cap and the base are also recyclable. Why is having a bottle BPA free important? 

Here's why:

Glass is 100% recyclable. You don't have to worry about toxins like BPA or other harmful chemicals that can leach into liquids from plastic bottles, or heavy metals like aluminum, chromium and nickel that can leach from metal bottles.

Your beverage will taste better coming out of glass - no unpleasant plastic or metallic taste or smell.

Using a GLASStic reusable glass bottle also benefits the environment. Bottled water creates enormous quantities of waste. You'll save money and the planet's resources when you stop drinking bottled water.

Okay, I actually tested this bottle by dropping it one time on my kitchen floor and it didn't break! So, I did test that claim out because that is actually pretty important around here. I have RA and Fibromyalgia and Mike has a bad disc in his neck that sometimes makes his hand and fingers go numb so we do drop things every now and then.

I can't tell you how many coffee cups we have broken or how many of my breakable sentimental souvenirs he has broken! Especially my beautiful magnets that I have on my fridge from places we have visited! Anyway, the point being, I wanted to make sure before I started bragging all over the place that I finally found something he couldn't break, and boy, did I ever!

Here's what Glasstic said about their bottle and breakage:

The GLASStic bottle is not only very break resistant, but it is very shatterproof. If you drop it and the glass breaks inside, all of the glass will remain contained inside the shell. The outer shell is made from a highly durable BPA free plastic.

So, I guess it's a good thing it didn't break! I didn't read that part until after my experiment, or I wouldn't have done it. But still, it's nice to know that if it did indeed break on the inside, that everything would stay inside and not get all over my floor, where Charlie, our Yorkie could accidently either step on the glass or try to eat it, just like a small child would. So, that is a welcome relief for pet owners and for parents.

Lastly, here is what will happen if it does indeed break:

Testing performed by an independent 3rd party testing firm has concluded that the product sustains 6 bottom drops on average before breaking the glass inside.

Please DO NOT try to drop or break the Glass bottle on purpose as other parts of the product like the handle on the sports lid could be damaged or broken.

If it does break, can I replace the glass bottle inside?

Yes. You can contact us directly and request a replacement glass bottle insert for your bottle. We will charge you $7.99 to help cover the cost of the bottle and shipping it to you. We offer this replacement glass insert in order to allow you to recycle the broken glass and continue to reuse the plastic components of your Glasstic bottle.

Several last things that you might want to know is that you cannot freeze it. It will break if you try to freeze it, so don't. I never even thought of that one, but I figured just in case someone else did, I better answer that question right away. Another thing that you can't do is use it for hot beverages like coffee. It's made for room temperature or cold beverages right now. They are working on a product for hot beverages but for now, cold only.

Here's a little bit about the company itself:
GLASStic Bottle Co. is a division of Healthylicious Living LLC. We are a healthy and active lifestyle company, helping people around the world to realize a better quality of health and life through our innovative product line. 
We began to develop the GLASStic bottle over two years ago when we saw in need in the market for high quality/pure YET portable beverage containers. The portable water bottle market had begun to replace plastic bottles with metal ones due to increasing concern of harmful chemicals leaching from the plastic bottles.  In spite of this trend, we felt that metal bottles were not what people were ultimately wanting but there were not many alternatives... 
We knew the ultimate water bottle had to be made of glass. Yet we also know we had to make a glass bottle that was portable, break resistant, shatterproof, BPA free, toxin free and safe over-all to carry into public places.  In other words, a worry-free glass water bottle...This was how Glasstic was born. 
It is our vision to see all of the "No Glass Allowed" signs at the beach, pool, gym, park, school, event, everywhere...be replaced by signs that say, "Only GLASStic Allowed". A revolution in beverage containers, the purity of glass...with the portability of plastic...GLASSTIC
Lastly, you can customize your own bottle if you would like to have it unique but it is mostly for companies, I think. So, you might want to double check that information before you get too excited. 
But, here is what you can customize on the bottle:
**1 Color Imprint on Outer Shell
**Various Different Colored Bottles using Water Based Products
**Licensed or Custom Art on Bottle or Outer Shell
**Custom Cap and Base Colors
Connect with Glasstic:
Corporate Headquarters:
Glasstic Bottle Co.
10645 N. Tatum Blvd #200-542
Phoenix, AZ 85028
Toll Free: 800-879-2444
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Susan Broughton said...

I love the design of this glass. It has such a good seal and I am so impressed with the shatter resistant glass insert. I like that you can replace it for a small fee if it happens to break. I really like this cup Susan Broughton elaineb1@ymail.com