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Enhanced Book Review

Sixteen-year-old Michelle is a product of the Institute's eugenics program, where people are bred like livestock. One doctor decides which kids get to grow up, and which disappear. Only Culls walk into the slum outside Institute walls, and they never come back. Michelle has survived every purge, and she's about to win a luxurious life as a breeder. Then the doctor banishes her brother Seth and her boyfriend Brian, and she risks everything to find them in the cutthroat slum.  
She's in trouble until handsome Dillon stakes a claim to her. Michelle is mortified, because Norms are practically animals. But the doctor is using the missing boys in a twisted plan and she needs Dillon's help to stop him. Michelle and her friends must find Seth and Brian, but a plague is spreading, the doctor is after her and Dillon isn't thrilled to help her find her lost boyfriend.
Okay, I actually liked this book so  this is a good question or observation. I never really understood why there was this separation. The story never really explained it and it might be that there was another book before this one that did, so I wanted to throw that in there. Sometimes reading the previous book isn't necessary but in this one it would have helped me.

In this story they treat kids like cattle or livestock. If you don't measure up you are sent away or so that is what they believe until one day another teen witnesses his girlfriend being sent out the gate and a man is waiting for her and kills her. So, all those kids that got sent out the gate have been killed all these years and why? Well, finally it tells you that they don't want the Enhanced race to mingle and have babies and get those good genes so they would rather kill them.

I have to say this was a very strange, vivid book to read. The person who wrote it has a great imagination.  I just wish I knew in the first place why they have been separated. And it's not like they aren't allowed to come thru the gate, the people who aren't enhanced work for the people who are enhanced and then they have to go home thru the gate. They call them the Normal people and they are treated like slaves.

Like I said, it really is a good book but it would have been even better if I knew why all this was happening.  I can tell you that there will be times in the book that you will feel sad, anger and just plain bewildered. But, it will definitely get you to thinking of ways to make sure that really doesn't happen here to us!

Happy Reading!
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About the Author:

Courtney Farrell was once a molecular biologist, but her habit of daydreaming destroyed far too many experiments. As it turned out, writing down the movies behind her eyes was a lot more fun than lab work. Courtney is the author of fourteen nonfiction books for young people, mostly on social and environmental topics.

She lives with her family on a Colorado ranch where they support a barn full of freeloading animals, including a fat draft horse and a bunch of crazy chickens. Enhanced is her first novel.

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"The game is every man for himself,” Salomon announced. “Your objective is to be the first to push the large black button on the south wall of the gym. You will be timed. Certain, eh-hmm, difficulties may impede your progress. That is all. You may begin.”
Younger boys surged forward, but stopped when they saw that none of the older ones were rushing in. “Difficulties!” Brian reminded them, putting a hand on Nick’s chest to keep him from charging in there like an idiot. “That means a trap. There’s always a trap.”

"More than one, usually,” Seth added grimly. “These tests aren’t all physical, they test your problem-solving capacity too.” The boys fidgeted uncertainly at the boundary, peering in but carefully staying outside the white painted line on the floor. The smallest ones looked sick with apprehension. Tests turned nasty once kids turned thirteen, and this would be their first hard one. Deaths during tests were rare, but they did happen, especially among the youngsters.

"Who wants to run in there and spring it for us?” Brian grinned. No one did. He bent to yank his shoes off, muttering to himself, “He had his off.” A few other kids followed suit. "Where’s the big black button?” Nick demanded, hopping up and down to get a better look. “I don’t see it!” "Neither do we.”

Brian grabbed the wiry kid and hoisted him up for a better view. Nick grabbed a wad of Brian’s hair and nimbly stood up on the bigger boy’s shoulders. He hadn’t taken off his shoes.

"Ow, Nick, that hurts.” "I see the button!” Nick shouted, leaning dangerously to one side to look between poles. “It’s way up high! Too high, and too far from the next pole.”

The kid swayed and deftly hopped down before falling. “I don’t see how anyone’s going to reach it.”

The doctor touched a finger to his glowing bracelet and his platform rose, carrying him up and away. His high laugh echoed back from somewhere near the ceiling. “Bonus points to Nicholas Arnold, for being the first person to pose the right question. And the clock is ticking.”

"Go!” Guys in the back began to push. “We’re being timed!” "Fine, go.”

Brian stepped aside and let an eager eighteen-year-old shove his way in. The muscular black boy put one tennis shoe over the line and the green lights on his bracelet began to move in a swirling pattern around and around his wrist.

"Look!” The boy held up his arm. "Dhorian, you’re on!” Seth bellowed. “Go!”

Dhorian hesitated for a moment, and then grabbed the line that hung off the nearest pole. He began to climb. Boys held their breath, leaning in to see what would happen. Nothing did. For a long moment everything was still, and then a shout came from above.

“I made it! I’m up!”

A stampede began as boys surged across the line. Some became entangled in the foam bushes. Those turned out to be horribly sticky, and getting through them was nearly impossible. A few guys made it to poles and began to climb.

Seth, Brian, and Todd waited behind the white line.

“Let ‘em trigger it for us,” Todd breathed, but nothing happened. Simultaneously, their three bracelets made warning beeps and the lights turned orange.

“Aw, hell, we’re out of time!” Brian exclaimed, and waded into the foam forest with his friends. Behind them, the wall slid shut, leaving the room in sudden darkness.

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Courtney said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for reviewing Enhanced. When I was writing this book, I was thinking a lot about the way people divide themselves into groups along racial, religious, or economic lines. The way the Enhanced treat Norms is really just another form of racism. There's no good reason for it, but people tend to do it anyway.

The sequel to Enhanced, called Sacrificed, is in the editing process now. It should launch within the next eight to ten months.

Thanks again gor hosting me today.

Courtney Farrell