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Working When You Have A Zillion Other Things Going On

Working When You Have a Zillion Other Things Going On

Sometimes things do not work out the way we plan and even though I did not want to be a working mom that is not how it worked out for me. And it is not because I did not like to work but on the contrary, work was all I ever knew. I have been working since I was fifteen and have always enjoyed it because it allowed me to meet new people and socialize along with making money. I started working because I wanted to buy things for myself that my parents did not supply. Not that they did not take care of all my needs growing up, they did, but they were not frivolous people and kept a tight budget. There were needs and then there were wants and I wanted what I did not need. Anyway, I was a worker pretty much my whole life but when I had my kids I wanted nothing more than to stay home and play with them.

Since I could not stay home it put added stress in my life, not only did I miss them terribly but there were things that I needed to be doing for them and problems that arose during the work day. I was blessed in that my mother was my sitter and there were many things she took care of for me. But there were responsibilities that she could not attend to nor would I want her to. She could have taken them to their doctor appointments but that was something I wanted to be there for, sometimes she would attend school functions for me but that was another thing I wanted to be a part of. Trying to manage work and responsibilities with the kids and be married and have extended family can get really complicated and cause tons of stress.

As I have gotten older I have changed in the ways I deal with stress. I used to just feel overwhelmed and cry, sometimes I would literally get ill with headaches or stomach aches but as time went on I realized that it was not working. I was not able to stop working and the stress was mounting more and more by the day. Work was stressful, running to meet the demands of school, groceries, doctors, errands, and my extensive extended family along with the in-laws, not to mention the occasional marital problem.

We live in a huge city and the traffic is a nightmare. When you work downtown you can spend over two hours a day just driving getting there and back and if you have to leave in the middle of the day and go back to work it is a killer. You not only have to contend with co-workers who are not always pleasant, or deadlines that need met but you have to deal with road rage and just plain bad drivers. And as much as you love your children when you get home and have to deal with dinner, homework, chores, baths, bedtimes, and lunches for the next day believe me your nerves get stretched. And I actually want to play with my kids and spend time with them! Then there is the grocery store and errands, oh, and should I slip in the spouse’s needs? Then when your grandmother, aunt, and uncle on your mother’s side live less than a mile away and one of your brothers who is having marital problems who drops in on a regular basis. Dare I even mention my in-laws who do not like half of my family and tolerate the other half?
I learned to deal with my stress with humor. I would say I am entitled to vent a little and if I do not make it funny then odds are that the people at work are going to call in the company psychotherapist and have me committed to some kind of work jail.

I actually tried counseling but the counselor did not think I was taking it seriously and quite frankly I did not have time to fit it in my schedule! If I took this all as seriously as some people say I should then I would be buying a ticket on the crazy train on a journey to nowhere fast. I hope you do not think me flippant because I am not, everyone and everything in my life is important to me.
My advice to the other people out there that have a zillion things to do like me is to keep it light and have a sense of humor about your situation. Only then can you live with the day to day stresses of life.
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