Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Otter, The Spotted Frog & The Great Flood Book Review

I have a really great children's book that I think would be great for any child to have and it's called The Otter, The Spotted Frog & The Great Flood written by Gerald Hausman  and Illustrated by Ramon Shiloh. They have a good selection of books for children and I urge you to go browse around because you just might get the surprise of a lifetime in seeing all these wonderfully told and beautifully illustrated pictures that will capture your child's imagination.
When Spotted Frog tells of a great flood that is about to destroy their homes, all of the animals ignore his warnings, except Listener the Otter. Ridiculed by the other animals, Listener heeds Spotted Frog’s predictions and begins to build a raft to try and survive the impending disaster. But will his efforts be enough?

This is a delightful tale about a Spotted Frog who knows there is going to be a flood and he is singing his heart out hoping to save as many animals as he can. This is actually a story told by the Creek Indians and it has lessons all throughout the book. I can just see them all sitting around the camps and the adults telling their stories to the children to give them life lessons and help them get along with all the animals around them.

We sure could use some good story telling these days! This is a wonderfully written book with some really awesome pictures that should capture the imagination of your children and keep them occupied for a long time. Hopefully, they will pick up on some of the subtle lessons throughout the book. If they only get one thing about the story, I hope that it's a good thing to watch out for each other.

Happy Reading!
More info on book:
This charming children’s book warns us to listen to the wisdom of nature and the environment. Based on a traditional story from the Creek Indians of northern Florida and Georgia, The Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood is retold by award-winning author and storyteller Gerald Hausman, and is brought to life by the powerful images of Ramon Shiloh.

This universal tale is full of traditional Native American wisdom which seems even more farsighted in our own day and age, with the conditions of global warming and other environmental threats that confront us more and more.  
About the Author: 
Besides being an editor, a teacher, and a storyteller, Gerald Hausman is also the author of many picture books, sixteen of which have won awards. Hausman has written the story for the upcoming Wisdom Tales book The Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood. His friend Ramon Shiloh painted the beautiful pictures for the book. Gerald co-edited the book The Image Taker: The Selected Stories and Photographs of Edward S. Curtis, which is also available through Wisdom Tales.  
Gerald spent much of his adult life in New Mexico, where many American Indians still live. During that time he translated Native American creation stories with his Navajo artist friend, Jay DeGroat. After receiving special tribal approval, some of these stories were aired on Navajo Nation radio station KTNN. One of his stories, The Turquoise Horse, was included in the Junior Great Books Anthology Level Five, and was also made into an audio book.  
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