Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Journey of Josephine Cain Book Review

I am a on a roll with history and romance books mixed into one! Here is another great story that you will fall in love with called The Journey of Josephine Cain written by Nancy Moser.
A pampered socialite embarks on a journey to the Wild West where her life is changed forever.  
A setting populated by hundreds of laborers, outlaws, and Indians is hardly the place for a wealthy general's daughter from the nation's capital. But Josephine Cain is determined to visit her father, who supervises the day-to-day work involved in the grandest ambition of post-Civil War America: the building of the Transcontinental Railroad.  
Life with the railroad is far from the proper life Josephine is used to, and she faces deadly gunfights, harsh weather, and vigilante uprisings.  
She is torn between the West and the East; between her privileged upbringing and the challenges of a new frontier; between the pull of the suitable beau her parents approve of and an attraction to a rough but charming Irish railroad worker. But if Josephine is willing, and courageous, she just might find a new life, a unique purpose . . . and true love.
This is a great story about how the railroads came to be that connected the East with the West and along the way is a story filled with romance, deception and some brave antics on the side of women who have to defend themselves when a fellow male companion turns out to be a coward!

And guess who that coward is? Well, Josephine has a boyfriend who she is engaged to and he accompanies her and her aunt to see her father out West where he has taken a job with the railroad. While on their way out there, several times they encounter bad circumstances and have to defend themselves when Lewis proves to be a coward.

Well, Josephine doesn't even know the whole story behind Lewis and it is not pretty. But she will in time, especially after meeting Hudson, a man who works for her father on the railroad. They embark on a difficult path of courtship until things clear up and Lewis is found out for the true person he really is.

You will love this story because it has a little bit of everything we all love, history, love and mystery!

Happy Reading!