Friday, October 11, 2013

The Bargain Book Review

I have a great new book to share with you that will be Part 1 in this series called The Bargain written by Stephanie Reed.
It’s 1971, and Betsie Troyer’s peaceful and predictable life is about to become anything but. 
When their parents flee the Amish, nineteen-year-old Betsie and her seventeen-year-old sister Sadie are distraught. Under the dubious guidance of a doting aunt, the girls struggle to keep the secret, praying their parents will return before anyone learns the truth—a truth that may end all hopes of Betsie’s marriage to Charley Yoder.
Wow, this story is full of action! First Betsie & Sadie are left behind when their parent's decide to leave the Amish faith and to be Christians instead. Then there is the Vietnam war going on and men are being drafted left and right.  Betsie went to work in her cousin's place when he got drafted and was on his way there also. She was learning how to work with leather.

Betsie liked Charley but his mother is something else and can't seem to keep her nose out of other people's business. One day a man comes into the shop and pulls a gun on Betsie and almost rapes her. Michael, the son of the man who is working in the shop comes to her rescue. He used to go to college until a peace demonstration turned ugly and he saw 4 people killed. He decided to come back home.

This is a great story and you won't be bored one bit because there is so much going on with all the characters. This is just the first book in this series so it doesn't conclude or tell you yet what happens to Betsie and her sister Sadie along with Charley. It will be interesting to see where their lives end up when all of this is over.

Happy Reading!