Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Ambrose Beacon Book Review

I have a really awesome new book to share with you called The Ambrose Beacon written by Alena Gouveia.  This is a Paranormal/Fantasy book and you will love it as much as I do!
Strange things have been happening in Evergreen, Colorado. People are disappearing, wolves are prowling the woods for the first time in seventy years, and strangers in black are showing up at the local schools. For the Ambrose family, it’s a sign that their quiet lives are about to be changed forever. The events signal the beginning of a struggle that will either push them closer together as a family, or tear them apart.   
To survive, each of the children must harness the strange new abilities with which they’ve been gifted and learn to fight as one. For Jeremiah Ambrose, the struggle to protect his children will force him to put aside his animosity for his brother-in-law Harper, and learn to see him in a different light. But for Harper, the burden is heaviest. He alone knows the truth about the strange events and what they mean for his family. Something is searching for the Ambrose children.   
And when it finds them, the fate of the whole world will be decided… The Ambrose Beacon is the first book of The Solas Prophecy, the debut novels of Alena Gouveia.
This was a really great book. I could not put it down once I started reading it and despite the size of the book, which is a little bigger than what I normally read, I got it done in several days once I found the time to read it. It's a fascinating tale of another world that got taken over and they had to come to Earth to survive and they are thousands of years old. Like I said, a very fascinating book!

It's about a man who married a woman not knowing she was not from this world. They had 5 children and it was the last child that gave her a lot of complications and she never seemed to pull out of it. Each child has a gift but one of them will be extra special one day. Before she died, her brother was summoned and he came to live with them. He was actually there to protect his sister's children, although they didn't know that at the time. They just thought he was there to give their father some help with them.

She tried to tell him on her deathbed but he just thought it was the drugs and the illness that was talking. The only thing I wasn't sure about and it was never addressed in the story, is why she died. I get the feeling that maybe it was because she had children with a mortal man and once you do that, somehow maybe all of your super powers get compromised? Not sure, that is one question I need to ask the author.

Otherwise, the rest of the book was well explained and I knew all the characters and what they were up to. There was a lot of confusion over who was the Solas but I got a feeling that I knew who it was once she started having her dreams and her mother was coming back to talk to her. But, still, I wasn't sure until almost the end.

And the story is not over. There will be another book coming out sometime early 2014 called The Druids of Kalispell. It was suppose to come out in December of this year, but you know how things happen and it got pushed back. Can't wait to read it! If it is as good as this first one, then the next one will be just as riveting. There was an excerpt at the end of this book so I did read a little bit about it. Enough that I know I want to read the next one, that is how good this story is!

Happy Reading!

About the Author:
Alena Gouveia lives in Denver, Colorado with his husband Luis and their three dogs.  He was born and raised in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu.  Foolishly fleeing the sunny paradise of his island home, he eventually landed in Colorado, and realized that paradise comes in many forms.  He began writing as a way to pass the time and soon realized that it was his true passion. Alena loves to hear from his readers and welcomes you to contact him.  He also thanks you for reading The Ambrose Beacon and hopes that you’ll stay with him throughout the entire story of The Solas Prophecy.  
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