Saturday, October 26, 2013

Scala Cadet Hat Review

I got this really beautiful hat to review recently made by Scala and it's their Boiled Wool Military style hat called The Scala Wool Cadet.  They come in 10 different colors and I am sure you will find one that suits you with all of those colors to choose from. The six below are the top colors that they sell the most hats in.

This hat is a One Size Fits All style hat so you won't need the Sizing Video for this hat, but just in case you need it for another kind of hat, I thought I would go ahead and leave it here for you.
Here are some more views of this hat:
I love the idea of the hat having this stretchy back so that it stays on my head better. It's actually a pretty good fit and fits snugly. I don't think you will have to worry about it falling off!

As you can see, it has a sort of baseball look hat to it and the rim in the front is hard just like a baseball hat so that it keeps it's shape. Not sure why it's called a Boiled Wool Military style hat. There wasn't very much information on the site where it's sold so I don't have any facts for you or how it was made like I normally do. This must be a very new hat in the collection because I couldn't find it on Amazon or several other sites either.

Ah, I found some more information on the hat and here is some details you might like to know:
From the Fall/Winter Scala Collezione collection, boiled wool hats are the savvy consumers’ choice in weather resistant and fashion headwear. The eco-friendly process of altering the material eliminates the usage of harsh chemicals while effectively shrinking the wool. Subsequently, the heat traps air chambers, forming a natural barrier against hot and cold temperatures and wind. This technique matched with Dorfman Pacific’s keen eye for design and artistry creates the ultimate cold weather accessory.  
The felt like texture is softer, warmer and eliminates the itchy feeling associated with wool. Function joins elegance and fun with the boiled wool options. Classic silhouettes and fashion choices are available in conventional and pop colors. Cloche, cap, cadet, newsboy and classic brimmed shapes are some of the highlights of the assortment.  
There is a style (with over 15 featured) and color for every outfit, outerwear, fashion and function need. The varied designs work well with casual or trendy outerwear from early Fall through Winter and affordably retail for about $30 - $40.
Also, they have another new and unique headband for the winter months ahead called the Scala Wool Headband. I didn't get to review this one but wanted to show you a different style in case you like this one better.
This wool headband is embellished with rosettes and comes in 5 attractive colors.  It is also made in wool and I think it would be cute on a young girl or teen. Not so sure about an old woman like me, but it is very cute! 
Here's a little bit of history about Hartford York:
My name is Hartford York and I've been in the hat business darn near all of my life. I started out in the stock room of my dad's hat store when I could barely reach the counter. We sold mostly dress hats. Nice fur felts in winter and the finest Panamas in the spring and summer. Watch some old movies. Nearly everyone wore hats in those days. I doubt that I ever saw Dad without one of his favorites on his balding head. 
Well, the hat business has come a long way since then. And so have I. I can reach the counter now, for one thing, and I have my own favorites. ( I'm partial to Borsalinos ). Dad's gone and the business is mine and the selection of headwear is broader than ever. And, believe it or not, I've found that these days people wear more and different kinds of hats than in the past. That's because there is such a huge variety to choose from. There are hats for every lifestyle, whether for dress or sport or leisure. 
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Danielle Royalegacy said...

Two of my daughters would like to have one of their hats, but I like the headband. It's so cute!