Saturday, October 26, 2013

Protein Bakery Review

I recently got some goodies from Protein Bakery and wanted to share with you what I got and some changes to the items that they now sell. I waited a little longer than usual to post because I wanted it to be closer to Halloween because I think these make a perfect fall dessert!
Here is what I was sent to review:
*Black & White Blondie Brownies
*Chocolate Chip Brownies
*Mini Peanut Butter Brownies
*Mini Black & White Brownies
*Chocolate Chocolate White Chip Cookies
*Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
*Peanut Butter Cookies
*Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies
Some quick facts that you need to know about their products:
  • Our delicious protein packed products last two weeks if kept in a cool, dry place.
  • 15 seconds in the microwave brings out our fresh-from-the-oven taste.
  • All our products can be frozen up to three months.
  • TPB eaters say the brownies and blondies taste great straight out of the freezer!
  • Everything is made in small batches and handled with care and love.
  • No gluten in our ingredients! However, we are baked in a facility that uses gluten in other products, so we are NOT certified gluten free.

    I have to say that I was so disappointed that they quit making the Trail Mix Cookies! Gosh, they were my absolute favorite but I guess times do change and you have to go on and make new recipe cookies & brownies but thankfully, they did not get rid of the Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies! They were my next very favorite cookies.
    Bite into this: a naturally delicious, trans fat-free, wheat flour-free twist on the standard chocolate chip cookie. Just as hearty, because it's packed with muscle-building protein and homemade chocolate chips. But with a touch of cinnamon. Spiced up for unexpected deliciousness! They truly are magnificent! Love that you get 8 grams of protein in 2 cookies!
    Here is my other favorite, the Chocolate Chocolate White Chip Cookies! Gosh, I know what you are thinking, why isn't this my number #1 favorite? Well, I was trying to go for more fruits and goodies and honestly, if you gave the Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies a chance, you just might agree with me. But, who can resist Chocolate and White Chips? Not me! They are chocked full of chocolate and you will want more than just two.
    This wheat-flour free, trans fat-free cookie is made with the finest baker's dark chocolate and white chocolate chips. Naturally delicious decadence mixed into perfect balance. And these cookies are also 8 grams of protein in 2 cookies! Have you caught on yet that these cookies are packed with protein and that is why they are so very good for you! Love that they are chewy on the inside with a slight crunch on the outside. Perfect!
    Now, who can resist Peanut Butter mixed with Chocolate Chips? These are pure heaven for the peanut butter lover. It has all the taste of a delicious peanut butter with hints of chocolate to boot! There's not a whole lot you can say about any kind of peanut butter cookies except that this is one old time classic that will never die out. Absolutely awesome!
    A bold statement that makes for one smart, wheat-flour free, trans-fat free, naturally delicious cookie! It's a first, in fact. Our very first recipe. This tasty touchstone flexed a thousand more fresh-baked ideas. Over 10 years later, it still packs a very popular punch. 
    And then there is just the plain Peanut Butter Cookie which doesn't need much fanfare because it can stand on it's own just the way it is. Such a delightful taste that brings back fond memories of when Mom used to make them. They are and have always been a cookie that will last the test of time. And guess what? These 2 cookies pack 12 grams of protein! Perfect, don't you think?
    Packed into that humble name is serious nutrition. And countless creamy layers of rich peanut butter. Go nuts enjoying its naturally delicious, wheat flour-free, trans fat-free flavor. Talk about sticking to the roof of your mouth! (Or try to....) Our most nutritionally balanced cookie uses the finest peanut butter and muscle-building whey protein. No jelly required. No guilt either.
    The Chocolate Chip Brownie is my favorite brownie, although all the others are not far behind. Now, these brownies pop 11 grams of protein in just one brownie! So, you see, it's good for you but tastes bad for you. There's not much else you can say about Chocolate, is there? Very dreamy, creamy and oh so delicious!  Look at all those chocolate chips!
    It's gluten-free, high in muscle-building protein, 100% trans-fat free, and wheat flour-free. But you just focus on the sprinkling of chocolate chips! It's a luscious brownie that'll have your taste buds doing a double-take. 
    The Black & White Blondie Brownie has just the right mix of chocolate with white chocolate. You will love the difference that those two make in this luscious brownie!
    This smooth rich blondie is sprinkled with loads of milk chocolate and white chocolate chips. Indulge your palate with this muscle-building, naturally delicious treat. And these are also 11 grams of protein in one brownie!
    Now, I had also had a mini Peanut Butter Brownie and a mini Black & White Brownie. I have already talked about the Black & White Brownie so I will concentrate on the Peanut Butter Brownie. I truly loved the Peanut Butter Brownie but they used to have a Peanut Butter with Chocolate Brownie (sort of a swirl) that was my absolute favorite, but I guess they must have found a better recipe.  Six of the mini brownies will give you 24 grams of protein!
    Now you can enjoy some of your favorite Protein Bakery flavors in a delicious bite-size snack! We’ve taken our naturally delicious, protein-filled treats and made them pocket-sized for life on-the-go. Watching calories? No problem! At about 100 calories per serving, they're a no guilt pleasure. Packed with heart-healthy oats, powerful whey protein and zero trans fat, we think you’ll agree...our minis are major! 
    All in all, they were a delight to try and because Mike doesn't like anything that is good for you, I got all of these to myself. It took me awhile to get through them, but that's all right, because I got to savor each and everyone of them.
    A little bit of history about Protein Bakery and it's founder:
    Fitness is my business. Baking is my passion. Balance is the key.  
    When I started teaching fitness in San Francisco, my life was out of balance. My weight was up, my spirits were down, and as a result, everything else—career, relationships, life—was flat lining. Getting fit got me in touch with my body and taught me how balance impacts performance & health. 82 pounds lighter and healthier, I moved to New York City in 1997 to continue my career helping others. Working as a group fitness instructor and former program director in the city's top gyms was the perfect challenge. (That's a lot of body types, people!)  
    Over 20 years of first-hand experience has taught me that a balanced diet is key to keeping fit and keeping up with a physically demanding schedule. I also know that people value taste as much as health. But, finding that balance isn't easy. So, in 1999, I created the Protein Bakery to do just that--feature the many health benefits of protein in rich gourmet taste. The result? The best cookies, brownies, and blondies on the planet. 
    My motto for food, fitness and life is simple: "Do it better." That's our mission at the Protein Bakery. We want to inspire others to do the same.
    Check out their new Kid's Corner to see some great idea's on nutrition for your children and how to make food fun but still good for them! You can also sign up for their Newsletter (bottom of page on the left) to get all the info right to your mail box!
    Connect with Protein Bakery:
    Mailing Address:
    20 West 20th Street
    Sweet #904
    New York, NY 10011
    Phone:  (212) 206 - 7796  or  (888) 459 - 6652
    Okay, Protein Bakery is going to give one winner a taste of Protein Bakery valued at $45.00 which will be their choice of flavors but they truly are awesome so I think you will like whatever they send! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


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