Saturday, October 26, 2013

Matcha DNA Tea Review

I have a great green tea to share with you today called Matcha DNA Tea! I don't know if any of you have had the pleasure of trying it or not, but if you haven't then you really do need to. It is actually a powdered green superfood tea. Why? Well, because one glass of Matcha DNA Tea is the same as drinking 10 glasses of Green Tea!
Some other key benefits:
  • Certified Organic
  • Not made in Japanese, Chinese Origin
  • Ultra high in Antioxidants and  EGCG

  • I received this bag of individual tea packets to review. There are 34 packets to each bag. Also, so you don't get surprised, when they say Green Tea, they really mean Green Tea!
    I forgot to take a picture of my cup of tea, which I always do, not sure where my mind was that day, but needless to say, the tea is really green! And I am not talking about regular green tea. This is a very green tea that you cannot see through. Remember, it is a powder, not a tea bag.
    I went on Matcha's website and grabbed a picture of what the tea will actually look like once it's made and this is a pretty accurate photo. My cup of tea looked just like this one except it was in a mug. I have to say, it intimidated me a little when I first looked at it because I immediately thought of Green Pea Soup. But, it doesn't taste anything like that, it's actually a lot better than even I thought it would be and I'm an avid tea drinker. But, this was my first time being introduced to Matcha DNA Tea, so it was a normal reaction. I was expecting like a see thru Green Tea that most of us are accustomed to.

    You don't have to add sugar, but because I wasn't sure how it would taste, I used the same amount that I normally put in a mug (which isn't really a whole lot) and the tea was truly awesome. Next time I will try less sugar and then compare the two. I even gave a few packets to my best friend and neighbor, and she loved it! She is more into the Health & Fitness than I am, so I knew this would be right up her alley. Once I knew she loved it, I gave her half of the bag so she could enjoy it right along with me.
    Here's a little bit of background history:
    Few people know that the current practice of drinking powdered tea in the Japanese tea ceremony is actually from the song dynasty in China. It dates back to over 1,000 years ago. This practice was carried on in Japan and is now considered a pillar of Japanese culture.  
    Today. once again high quality Matcha is being made in China. The tea has a slightly different character than its Japanese counterpart. Both teas have a deep green color and thick, savory taste and texture. Both are high in EGCG and antioxidants. However, our Chinese MatchaDNA™ is smoother, without the bitterness, and has rich, smooth and fresh taste unlike any other!

    Matcha DNA green tea is organically grown and hand picked. It can been made as delicious tea, latte, martini or used in food like green tea ice cream and cooking. I was very surprised to read this part because I just thought it was a green tea and nothing more. But, because it is a powder, it can be used in all kinds of recipes! Here are a few that I thought was interesting.

    These are Matcha cookies

    Matcha Muffins

    Matcha Ice Cream

    Matcha Cake

    See what I mean about being versatile? And the best part is that it's very healthy for you! Here is how they stack up against other good for you fruits:
     Matcha is 1300 unit/g    Pomegranates 105 unit/g    Blueberries 91 unit/g
    Another thing you might want to know is that they are certified Organic:
    Certified Organic means that their products are certified to the highest organic standards by NOP and EU. All of their teas are 100% Swiss Certified organic.
    ➨Teas are made to exacting standards and are in fact tested for lead and other heavy metals.
    ➨They maintain close relationships with small scale sustainable organic growers.
    ➨All of their products are certified organic and free from contaminants found in other non-organic products.
    ➨All of their products are sustainably grown with a focus on fair trade.
    As for Japanese products, this is Matcha's opinion: based on Fukushima they may no longer be safe. We use only Chinese origin organic Matcha Tea. 
    One other last thing, they have a book out about their teas and how you can get in the best shape of your life! It sounds pretty good to me, I want to be as healthy as I can possibly make myself, how about you? 
    Connect with Matcha:
    Mailing Address:
    20554 Lincoin Bivd. #757 Venice, CA 90291Phone:  1-800-765-FOCUS(3628)
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    Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. 


    Danielle Royalegacy said...

    Sounds really like an interesting drink, and your right, it does look like pea soup. I do have to wonder how much caffeine is in each cup?

    Rose-Marie said...

    Wow - I didn't know all that about Matcha - I like to know in-depth about ingredients and products. I tried Matcha ice cream once at a sampling at Whole Foods. You could hardly taste it, so I'm not sure what it is really like! I'd like to try this tea - esp want to boost the health for the wintery weather.