Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kushyfoot Review

Wow, have I got a lot to share with you today from a really awesome company called Kushyfoot! As you can see, I was sent a lot of different products to try and I have to admit that I loved them all! I am a big fan of tights and leggings so this put me in heaven.

Here is what I was sent to review:

1.)  Fleece Tights in Black
2.)  Shaping Tights in Black
3.)  MicroFiber Tights in Heather Grey
4.)  Fleece Trouser Socks in Black
5.)  Opaque Knee Length Socks (2 pair) in Black
6.)  MicroFiber Crew in Nude
7.)  MicroFiber Crew in Black

I have to admit that the Fleece Tights were my very favorite. Like I said earlier, I am a big fan of leggings and these came pretty close to what I consider leggings. With my RA and Fibromyalgia along with both knee's being replaced, I really am not into jeans anymore. They are too uncomfortable. I also have IBS so I swell a lot and with this type of product, it will go with the flow where jeans and other pants will not.
These were extremely comfortable and easy to wear. They are very soft as you can imagine Fleece would be. Since it's still pretty warm here in Georgia I didn't wear them out yet but did try them on several times inside the house. I did not find them on Kushyfoot's website so they must be something new for this fall and winter. They are made with 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane. It would be best if you hand washed these tights and let them drip dry so that they don't shrink on you or lose their shape.
This next pair of tights, the MicroFiber Tights are going to make you purr with satisfaction. They are made with Lycra and they have the ability to massage your feet with every step you take! I really enjoyed the way my feet felt while wearing these. There are ridges on the bottom of the feet, so it did take me a minute to get used to it. I don't wear heels because of my knee's so I am not sure about wearing these with those, but they are awesome with flats and boots!
They have:
**Massaging sole for extra comfort
**Reinforced toe for added durability
**Built-in control top
**Come in 5 colors

They are made with 91% Nylon and 9% Elastane. You will want to hand wash these also and drip dry to maintain the perfect fit and shape.

I also really loved these Shaping Tights! They will give you awesome control in your tummy, hips and thighs! I loved them because of the compression that they gave. Now, I am going to say something that I can only vouch for myself and you may get a different experience. Because I have Fibromyalgia and RA, I knew in advance from other products that any type of compression helps with the achiness of having those conditions. For that reason, I wore these more during the day to just get some help with that, not really for the shaping effect, although it sure did help there too!
Again, these must be something new because I couldn't find them on Kushyfoot's site. They are super opaque and do have a massaging sole. They also have Lycra, same as the product before. It is made with 87% Nylon and 13% Elastane. They have been made with a firm shaper that was designed to help shape your rear without flattening it, along with the tummy, hips and thigh control I mentioned earlier. As with the others, I would recommend that you hand wash and let it drip dry to keep it's shape.
If you are into Trouser Socks, then these Fleece Trouser Socks are what you will want to have this Fall//Winter. I have to admit they sure were soft and warm to the touch and warmed my feet! This must also be a new item for the Fall/Winter because I could not find it on their site. They are One Size fits all and are made with 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane.
I have to admit that for socks, they were pretty darn comfortable. I normally don't wear socks this high because of my replaced knees and the fact that they tend to swell if I stand or sit with them hanging instead of propping up, so I tend to stay away from high socks. I normally wear the low kind and still have to be careful of the ankles swelling but that is the RA, not the socks fault. Otherwise, if you have no problem with any kind of socks, these are going to make your day!
This was the one pack that had 2 different socks in it and these are the Opaque Knee Length socks in Black, one is plain and one is a fishnet. These also must be a new Fall/Winter item because it's not on their site yet. The padded soles will massage your feet and help relieve tension & fatigue, making you feel so much better by the end of the day. I love that it has a slight compression feel to it. These are also One Size fits all.
Now, because there are 2 pair in this package, they don't necessarily have the same properties. The plain socks are 90% Nylon and 10% Elastane while the fishnet socks have 87% Nylon and 13% Elastane. So, as you can see, there is enough Elastane in both socks to give you some really good compression. Because I had knee surgery and know what the compression socks feel like after surgery, these came pretty close. If you have some circulation problems, ask your doctor if these would help. As with all of the Kushyfoot products I have reviewed so far, I would hand wash these and drip dry them to make sure that they keep their shape and elasticity.
Lastly, I got these two MicroFiber Crew socks that are the same style, just different colors.

These also must be new to the Fall/Winter collection. They have the padded soles on the bottom to massage your feet with each step you make.

They have a comfort band at the top and are made with 91% Nylon and 9% Elastane so you will still get that massaging feeling to help relieve tension and fatigue.

Your level of compression may vary from mine but you should feel it to some degree.

Kushyfoot has a lot of other products besides these on their site and I hope you swing by and take a look at what all they have to offer. You will also find Men's socks there, too! They also have their famous ballet flats that we have all come to love.

I laughed the whole time I watched this video! Take a peek!

Kushyfoot is offering 20% of orders that are $40 and over. Go check it out! 
Here is a little bit about Kushyfoot:
Kushyfoot® was created and brought to market in 2003 by parent company Doris International Inc. It is the first brand in women's hosiery to incorporate the ancient healing art of Reflexology.  
All products are exclusively designed to feature a comfortable sole. This is why we add a 3-dimensional padding or "massaging sole" to our products that acts as a cushion between bare feet and the hard insoles of a shoe. The Kushyfoot® sole helps relieve tension and discomfort in achy feet, thereby helping to relieve stress and fatigue throughout the entire body. 
Connect with Kushyfoot:

Phone:  (877) 547-5849

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


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MELINA said...

I would like the slipper socks in lavender/black.

Kristi said...

I would LOVE to have some yoga socks!

joansproductreviewsandgiveaways said...

I really love the Sandal Flats to Go® These are very different from all the other shoes of this type and I love my toes out!

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The trouser socks look comfy!

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Megan Parsons said...

I'd love to have the Fishnet Tights! makeighleekyleigh at yahoo dot com

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love the trouser socks. thankyou, ken

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I like the Fleecy Leopard Print Flats to Go.

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I would love anything they have, especially Zebra Print Flats to Go®
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I would love the Microfiber Crew in black.
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I would love to have the Mini Crew Diamond Design Top Socks. They look comfy. Thanks!
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trouser socks!

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Fleecy Leopard Print Flats

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I would love the foot-covers-super-ultra-low-cut
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I would love to have the Diamond Tights

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I like the Shaping Tights.
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I like the Perforated Design Flats to Go. catoluck at icloud dot com

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ilike the footless tight i could use these because of the diabetes i have and then nerve damage to the leg

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i am going to special affairs wit the taps .org and i have to dress up and would love to use the legging under my dress

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I like the slipper socks

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I like the patent ballet flats to go.

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I like their Swiss Dot + Plain Foot Covers

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And the Diamond Tights

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The Shaping Tights sound amazing

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I would love to have the Yoga Socks. They would be so handy for me when I do my Yoga on my wood floors.

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I like the No Show Socks

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