Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kernel Season's Popcorn Review

I have some really awesome popcorn products to share with you from a company called Kernel Season's and you are going to love all the different flavors that you can make with popcorn! 
Here is what we were sent to review:
1.)  We got 8 different Seasonings that include: Kettle Corn, Caramel, White Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, Bacon Cheddar, Milk Chocolate Caramel, Ranch and Garlic Parmesan
2.)  Can of Popcorn Spritzer in Butter flavor
3.)  Bottle of Movie Theatre Butter
4.)  Bag of Popping Corn
5.)  One bag of Microwave Popcorn
Do you know how to pop corn the old fashion way? Thank goodness I do! It's hard to imagine that I still remember how that all works in this day and age when it's pretty much been reduced to the microwave bags that we use today.
You can pop Kernel Season's popcorn in just about any of the traditional ways but I prefer on the stovetop with some oil in the pan.  They pop pretty fast once the oil gets hot so be careful and don't leave it on too long. It really does make some awesome tasting popcorn and can't be beat if you like your popcorn to taste natural and fresh. The bag can be resealed so you don't need to put in another container unless you just want to. There are about 14 servings per bag. We love to put nice hot butter on our popcorn to complete the perfect popcorn!
And then if you prefer the microwave version, that is okay too. Just pop as you normally do and add whatever flavors is your favorite. There really is no other snack that says Fall or Autumn better than popcorn. I guess I automatically think of it when it gets Halloween because it makes the perfect party food!
 Now, here is the only difference that might be a matter of personal preference.
You can choose to spritz your popcorn with this light spray that has no calories or fat so you won't break your calorie intake for the day.
Or you can choose the Movie Theatre Butter that is very good but alas, it does have calories and some fat. But, it sure does taste awesome!
One tablespoon is about 120 calories and 14 grams of fat. So, keep that in mind when you are adding your numbers for the day, if you are that is!
This is one time that I do splurge because popcorn tastes better with butter!
Now, here is where it really gets interesting. The seasonings. With 8 different flavors to choose from you can have whatever flavor suits you on any given night and I hate to say it, but I am pretty traditional in my popcorn and don't vary too much but my husband, Mike will toss things up from time to time.
Butter is our first choice and then Caramel is our second choice for our popcorn. There is just something about Caramel popcorn that just can't be beat! We think this seasoning actually is one of the better ones that we have tried. I don't use it too much because I don't want it to become additive but if I had my choice, this would be it. Just sprinkle on your popcorn and you are ready to go.
Kettle Corn is our other guilty pleasure. If you have never tasted Kettle Corn, you have got to! It took me a long time to do that and I don't really have a reason why, I just didn't but once I found the perfect taste, there was no turning back. I love the sweet/salty taste against the crunchy popcorn. Absolutely the best!

Again, this is a matter of personal choice, whether you like the subtle taste of White Cheddar or the bold taste of Nacho Cheddar, both are great in their own rights.

The White Cheddar is less intense and lightly tastes like cheese.

The Nacho Cheddar pretty much tells you that it is bold and very tasty! My husband likes it the best while I like the White Cheddar because I don't care for so much flavor on my popcorn.

Now, on Nacho Chips that is a whole new story, but not on popcorn!

We both agreed that the Ranch was pretty awesome but it's something you don't want to eat too much of. It's a great lighter version than a dressing but it still has a good kick so go easy on this one.

The Milk Chocolate Caramel flavor was something that we are still hung on right now. It was mildly strange for us to taste chocolate mixed in with our popcorn and we are still not sure which way this one will go but for now, we think we are going to give it another try and see what happens. It is too interesting to pass a quick judgment on, so I am keeping an open mind.

These last two flavors are also a bit of a quandary for me but my husband loved them. I guess these flavors would suit a man more than me. The last two on the list is the Bacon Cheddar and the Garlic Parmesan.

I guess I have a hard time picturing bacon on popcorn. It's not the cheese part that I object to, it's that I don't get why you would want bacon on popcorn.

But, my husband says it actually tastes pretty good. Good thing we all don't like the same thing, huh?

The Garlic Parmesan I can almost see myself trying. Again, my husband loved it but here is the savings grace on all of these seasonings, you can use them for other things besides just on popcorn!

I realized this almost immediately and found other ways to use some of these great flavors.

For instance, the Ranch flavor can be added to a dip to make a pretty decent on the fly dip when you are out of Ranch dressing. Or you can add it to a salad for a little extra punch.

Same thing with the Bacon Cheddar. I tried this on potatoes and it really made them taste just like a loaded baked potato without all the calories and fat! So, get creative with these seasonings. Treat them like you would other ordinary seasonings and open up your world to some exciting flavors.

There were a few other flavors that we didn't get to try that you might like such as the Cheesy Jalapeno, Buffalo Wing, Popcorn Salt and Butter. I bet my husband would love the Buffalo Wing and Cheesy Jalapeno. Those are his kind of flavors and he would go to town finding ways to use them!

They have several specials that you can take advantage of and one is if you buy 4 flavors, you will get the 5th one Free! Also, if you spend over $40, you will get Free Shipping.

About Kernel Seasonings:
While in college, Brian Taylor was looking for a way to add some pop to his favorite snack, popcorn. He started mixing what would later become the original Kernel Season’s recipe while living on campus at the University of Michigan.  
Brian teamed up with experienced flavor experts to perfect the recipes and began developing a seasoning line. Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning popped overseas in 2005, shaking up the flavor in grocery stores, movie theaters and millions of homes around the globe.
Here's a great little video about Kernel Seasonings:

Connect with Kernel Seasonings:
Mailing Address:
2401 E. Devon Ave.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone: 866 - 328 - 7672
Fax: 773 - 326 -0869
Kernel Seasonings has been kind enough to offer the same package that I just reviewed to the winner of my Spooktacular Giveaway Hop that starts on October 4th and ends on the 18th. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Carol L. said...

Hi Mary,
These look exciting and there are enough flavors to please everyone. Is this just a comment to win giveaway or a Rafflecopter ? I don't see anything like that though.Either way, I'd love to try the Kernel Corn and the Bacon Cheddar.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Marti Tabora said...

These look fantastic, especially the bacon cheddar seasoning. I can't wait to try that one. I know my family would love it. Thanks!
Marti Tabora

Danielle Royalegacy said...

I love popcorn with butter and lots of different types of seasoning. Kernal Seasonings is something I need to try! Thanks for this great review.

Maryann D. said...

My family enjoys popcorn often. We usually use the microwave popcorn, but I would love to make it myself and use this product for terrific flavors.
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