Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FUMI Cell Phone Wallet Review

I know that you guys know that Fumi makes the Fumi Bracelet Pursehook but did you know that they also made this awesome Cell Phone Wallet?

I was taken by surprise myself when I find out and I was also very excited to see that they have them in a great array of colors, so you should have no problem in finding the perfect color for you! I chose the black one because it is what I have the most of and what I wear the most in the fall/winter. All of my boots are black so I didn't see the need to clash with everything I own!

The FUMI Cell Phone Wallet/Clutch easily holds cell phones in the back compartment. It has extra pockets to store money, credit cards, and your I.D. for quick errands or for a night out on the town. There are actually 6 different colors to choose from. You can't tell from this picture but there is a removable adjustable strap that comes with the clutch.
Here you go, a much better picture except for the fact that the camera changed the plate to silver when in fact it is gold. That is the one problem I am having with this camera, everything is silver no matter what!
I love that these are lightweight, easy to hold onto and can store my cellphone, keys and cards along with money in them for quick outings or errands. I think my RA is acting up along with the Fibromyalgia because its gotten harder lately to carry any weight and I had been using the crossbody to help alleviate the pain but now I can switch back and forth between the clutch and my crossbody.
Here are your colors and as you can see, some of them are actually quite cute!
Lastly, I wanted to share one of the newest bangles that has been added to FUMI's growing list of beautiful pursehooks/bracelets. They are named Crystal and depending on what color they are, that is the name that is given to each one. I thought this Blue Crystal was amazing and wanted to share it with you.
 About FUMI: 
FUMI invites you to discover the astonishment of multifunctional jewelry and accessories. What we provide is an entirely new outlook on fashion. We introduce to you the FUMI Bracelet Pursehook. It is designed to be placed on your handbag for easy access as a pursehook and it can also be worn as a bracelet. 
We love our customers and it shows with this unique combination of when fashion meets function. Here at FUMI, we want our customers to experience this design for yourself, your friends, and your family.  
Our mission is to provide customers with an easy solution to everyday problems with our Fashionable, Unique, Multipurpose, and Innovative products.
Connect with Fumi: 
Mailing Address:
21 Brookline
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Phone (619) 222–0663
Fax (619) 297–2005
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The winner of my Anything Goes Giveaway Event will win an awesome Fumi Cell Phone Wallet in your choice of color! The giveaway starts on October 17th and ends on the 31st. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. 


Danielle Royalegacy said...

What a neat little purse to have. It is just perfect for that little shopping trip when you don't feel like carrying the purse that weighs a ton! Can't wait for the start of the giveaway

Marti Tabora said...

I love all the color choices they have, the problem for me would be what color to choose. Thanks.

Lisa R said...

I love the colors, I would love this because my 13 y/o daughter just had to pay a $150 upgrade for a phone we just got her. I feel bad because she said I can see if I broke it but someone in her volleyball class did and didn't admit it even if it was an accident

sibabe6 at ptd dot net

BlackAsphodel said...

This purse is so awesome! I can see myself using this when I don't want to carry a bigger purse and need a place to put my cell.

Yipperbear said...

This would be so great. I am not a purse person but with cell phone, keys, money and I.D. when i don't wear jeans i need something small like this.