Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fatal Tide Book Review

I have a really great book to share with you called Fatal Tide written by Lis Wiehl. It's a story about good versus evil and I have to say it turned out better than I had thought it would.
In East Salem, the elite St. Adrian’s Academy is at the nexus of a satanic apocalypse—and the fatal tide is rising. 
When Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights is reunited with the pagans who commissioned it, a dark prophecy begins to unfold in East Salem, beginning with a savage double-murder by hellish creatures straight out of the painting itself. The lone survivor of the attack, a seventeen-year-old Brit, finds sanctuary at Tommy Gunderson’s home—and the place is soon surrounded by demons who seem to be biding their time…but for how long? 
Tommy’s pond has been contaminated with Provivilan—an insidious drug that could transform New York City’s children into an army of violence-addicted murderers. But for an occult cabal in the upper echelons of Linz Pharmaceuticals, contaminating the water supply is just part of an ancient conspiracy against all of humankind. 
As the clouds gather, Tommy and Dani realize they must infiltrate Linz and St. Adrian’s to stop the dissemination of Provivilan. Even then, it could take a tangible eruption of the battle between angels and demons to save humanity from the supernatural evils that have been summoned to East Salem.
I wasn't sure where this book was going to go with this story, but it ended up being better than I had originally thought. It's told thru the eyes of Tommy, a former sports player and the people who are trying to help him fight a battle between the evil demons that have taken over a local school for boys.

One of the boys escapes the school but his twin brother is not so lucky. It was actually a story that could well have happened as it centers on successful boys who graduate this evil boy's school and they go on to become hardened men who do bad things. One of those is a man who makes pills/drugs as a living and he discovers a way to make boys become evil and controllable.

The whole idea behind this story was that they were going to unleash this new pill that they made into the drinking water all over the world. They had thought that by the time everyone reached a certain age, that things would be in total chaos and they could control all of these people.

It was definitely a creepy and almost imaginable story. I can see where this might actually happen but don't know to what extent or what drug or poison would be used. But, thankfully, in this story, Tommy and his friends have help from 2 angels who have been watching over them. It really comes down to the bad angels fighting the good angels in a great battle.

Although there is some reference to religion, it is really all about the evil angels and what they hope to accomplish but because Tommy and his friends believe in God and pray for help, the good angels are sent to help out. It will restore your faith and confidence to know that God is still on our side!

Happy Reading!

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