Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fairy Tale High Dolls Review

Wow, have I got some new dolls for you to snap up for the girl in your life! I hesitate to say daughter because we all have so many in our lives these days from daughters to granddaughters to nieces and stepdaughters. You may even just have a good friend who has a daughter that you are close to, that is the nature of our world now and I don't like to put labels out there, so this is for every girl young at heart! Have you heard of the Fairy Tale High Dolls? I sure didn't until now. I am so behind the times!

I have to admit, they are a long way from when I had a Barbie! My first Barbie and Ken didn't even have real hair, it was plastic! Now, look at how hip and cute these dolls are! I was sent three of them to review and they were:
Teen Sleeping Beauty:

Hi, my name is Teen Beauty, but my BFFs call me Sleeping Beauty, because I need a ton of beauty rest! I take naps whenever and wherever I can. I attend Fairy Tale High with Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel—my three fav friends!  I am really into making clothes and my favorite class at Fairy Tale High is Fashion Design. I love creating fabulous outfits for my friends when I am not busy trying to stay awake during math class. Boy, I sure hope Rapunzel will share her notes.
Teen Little Mermaid:

Hi, my name is Teen Little Mermaid. My friends call me M. I'm so excited to be going to Fairy Tale High with my BFFs Tinker Belle, Alice and Belle.  I am so in love with the beach and swimming! I live in a palace under the sea with my family and swim many miles every morning to get to school.  I am also captain of the swim team! You can also find me singing my heart out before school, after school, even during school! Singing is one of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world.  I know my voice classes at Fairy Tale High will help my singing be even better.
Teen Alice in Wonderland:

 Hi, my name is Teen Alice in Wonderland. My friends call me Ali. I go to Fairy Tale High with my BFFs, Belle, Little Mermaid and Tink.  I love painting and exploring new places. I have the cutest striped kitty cat named Chessie that I adore.  Sometimes he sneaks into my backpack and comes to school with me. I hope he doesn’t make anyone sneeze!
They are definitely not the traditional fairy tale sweethearts I grew up with but I can see where they have to be hip to be in with girls these days. These are suppose to be for the age group of 5 to 10 year olds and that sounds about right from what I remember of my Barbie days.
I got these for my niece since my granddaughter is too old for these now. Oh, how time flies! It's hard for me to admit that but luckily, I still have a 7 year old grandson who still loves toys. Of course, he wouldn't be caught playing with dolls so my niece was the lucky one to get these gorgeous Fairy Tale High Dolls.
There are other dolls besides the three that I got and they are: Teen Belle, Teen Tinker Bell, Teen Cinderella, Teen Snow White and Teen Rapunzel. Each doll is 11 1/2 inches tall.
You can even watch episodes on a video of their escapades and there is also an ebook (just click on each individual Teen Doll to go to their ebook). This has been well thought out to make the experience as awesome as possible.
My niece lives in another town from me about 2 hours away so I am getting feedback over the phone, but she is having a ball! She has already had a prom, a cat fight among the girls, their first date and their first time driving a car! 
 Each doll comes dressed to the nines with awesome hip clothes, shoes, hose or socks, jewelry, hair accessories and makeup. Their arms and legs are bendable so your child can get the most action out of them. Fairy Tale High really did think of just about everything that would make this a truly enjoyable experience.
And the best part is, you don't have to travel forever to find them. They are available nationwide at Toys R Us stores, select Wal-Mart stores and online retailers.
Here is a video about Fairy Tale High making it's debut:
You can also catch other video's of the Fairy Tale High on YouTube, so this really is a great all around entertainment package that will keep your child occupied and happy! 
Connect with Fairy Tale High:

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