Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cystex Giveaway**Closed**

Cystex Bladder Chatter

As a woman who suffers from chronic UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections), Cystex has become my friend and a must have in my medicine cabinet. I jumped at the chance to share Cystex with you all and also educate in the importance of Kegel Exercises.

Although I have not personally reviewed this product, I know that Joan would not be giving it such an outstanding review if she did not really get the great results that she has given Cystex in her review. I don't necessarily have UTI infections but I do have I.C. and know what the pain from these are all about. If I could get relief from a product as well as what Joan got, I would be all over that cure!

Most women will experience some type of bladder leakage in their lifetime. As mentioned above, there are many causes. I follow under all the categories as well as having Lupus, which causes me several UTI's a year! Believe me it gets old. Had I really understood the importance of Kegeling at a younger age, I may have saved myself from a lot of pain and embarrassment. Not only do I suffer from stress incontinence at times, I also was SO BAD in the past I had to undergo Bladder Sling surgery as well as a Pelvic Floor surgery on my bowels. Lots of pain.... Now I remember to do my Kegel exercises.
In the past I have reviewed Cystex and you can go here to read my review. I love this product and it has been a lifesaver many a weekend when I did not want to bother my physician! Now, please have a chuckle when you see my video. I will never be a singer LOL!
I am so happy that I can share with you all and an awesome giveaway sponsored by Cystex. One lucky winner will receive a box of Cystex Plus and a Bottle of Cranberry Cystex Liquid Supplement~If you or someone you know suffers from UTI's, then this is a MUST for you to enter. Also, share with your friends how great Cystex is and perhaps you can all have coffee and Kegel together! Everyone at the coffee shop will wonder what you are all up to! Tee hee. Good Luck!
All opinions are mine and mine solely. Photos/videos used provided by Cystex and myself. I am not responsible for sending of prizes. I will do everything in my power to work with sponsors to provide their prizes.


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I suffer from UTIs. catoluck at icloud dot com