Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bloom Pogo Giveaway**Closed**

Bloom Pogo
The Pogo is a 3-in-1 step-stool/booster, table & stylish toddler seat. formed from bentwood & available in a variety of modern colors, bloom pogo elevates your child in style!
bloom pogo 5
My child is very independent and loves to help out in the kitchen, wash his own hands and brush is own teeth. The only problem is that he can't reach anything which forces him to climb up on the counters. I don't like that.. Bloom makes a 3 in one step stool called Pogo to help aid in your child's needs. There are two steps available. The top one is for smaller children who need that extra height.
Bloom Pogo
And a lower step for older/taller children.
The Pogo 3 in 1 stool also can be used as a seat or small table! Caden Drags his Pogo all over the house and sits on it everywhere! Bloom makes it really easy to transport around the house with built in handles on the sides and it's not too heavy.
Who wants to win their own Bloom Pogo!!
Starts October 5 Ends October 19th