Monday, October 7, 2013

A Christmas Gift for Rose Book Review

I have a heartwarming new story for Christmas called A Christmas Gift for Rose from Tricia Goyer! Yes, a new book from our favorite Amish writer just in time for the holidays!
Rose turned her back on the man she loves after he assisted the English during World War II—only to discover she’s an Englisher herself. Born in the midst of the hardships of The Great Depression, Rose grew up in Berlin, Ohio, in the arms of a loving Amish family.  
But she is overwhelmed by self-doubt when she learns that she was born English and abandoned when her family moved West in search of work. Was she meant to be Amish or would she have been better off growing up with her own kind—Englishers? When the man she loves leaves her behind, Rose is certain he left for good.  
Yet Rose discovers sometimes our greatest gifts are the ones we fear.
This was a great story and I know it's hard sometimes to say that about a story that has a war in it, especially World War II when so much was lost. I had an uncle who landed on D-Day and my Dad's side of the family is steeped in military as so was he. He spent 22 years in the Army, so I know military life like the back of my hand.

I was amazed to find out that the Amish did not believe in war, but sometimes, it just has to be. I don't wish for war and if at all possible, I would rather have peace, but we live in a world where that is not possible sometimes. What if we had never gotten involved? Think of all the Jews that would have been massacred? It's hard sometimes to understand someone's religion and I guess that is why America is as it is. Everyone is allowed to their own opinion.

I am glad though that Jonathan made it back alive and that Rose knew another young man who had come home from the war fine but had a lot of mental issues. She was able to meet another man named Curtis, by accident one day in a store who knew about the war and she asked him if he could talk to her neighbor's son, Harold who had the mental issues. Or was it an accident that Curtis was there?

In that single meeting with Curtis, Rose will discover a whole new world about herself, her family, Jonathan and how miracles can happen and do, if you just let them. It's a great heartwarming story for Christmas and I am glad that in the end Rose came to peace with the war but not so much because she is Amish but that she was from England after all. Would this story have ended differently if she truly was Amish and never knew she was from England? I guess only the author knows that!

Happy Reading!

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Megan Parsons said...

Love Tricia Goyer's books! Thanks for sharing this contest!