Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Top Ten Fragrances for Fall by School of Wash

I wanted to let you guys know that School of Wash sent me a list of their Top Ten Fragrances for Fall and I was so excited to see Brown Sugar & Fig on the list. If you remember, I just reviewed the Bath Whip & Shaving Cream in Brown Sugar & Fig for the Spa for Ma Giveaway Event. One of you will win that same product in your choice of scent, so this list is important to you. After all, you want to smell awesome this fall, so make sure you are up to date with the best and greatest scents!
It is always difficult for me to jump from summer to fall maybe it’s because we don’t really get fall down in South Georgia or I just begin to long for colder weather anything is better than hot and humid.  Either way the time has come for us to shuffle in the fall scents and shuffle out the summer scents.  Gosh, you don’t want to be that lady that wears the same scent all year long, right?  Of course not.  Life is too short – SCENT YOURSELF!  So what’s HOT this fall at School of Wash?
top 10 charts

Top 10 Must Have Fragrances for Fall

#10 – Spiced Apples - Classic red apple blended with hints of spice, finished off by soft, sensual musk. A truly intriguing, complex apple scent that you will be sure to adore!  How Rebekah wear’s this scent:  I love our Spiced Apples scent in my School of Wash Shampoo & Conditioner.  It is a long lasting scent and as the day wears on it simply gets more divine.  And I love the compliments!
#9 – Sweet Orange Pomegranate - A juicy blend of sweet orange and uplifting pomegranate!  How Rebekah wear’s this scent:  Nothing says fall like sweet orange, and when used in our School of Wash Liquid Body Scrub its bathes your senses in warmth.
#8 – Orange Clove - The sweet, citrusy scent of oranges mixed with spicy clove.  How Rebekah wear’s this scent:  I love the smell of cloves and when mixed with oranges it reminds of a warm blanket.  I prefer our Orange Clove in the School of Wash Body Wash.  It leaves my skin smelling wonderful!
#7 – Chai Tea - Spicy clove, orange and vanilla spiced tea.  How Rebekah wear’s this scent:  Whenever I recommend Chai Tea, I always get sideways looks, because we have a preconceived notion of what this scent should smell like – tea.  But our Chai Tea is a full bodied, spicy mix of citrus and vanilla, and it is heavenly in our School of Wash Body Lotion.  The light, airy lotion and the Chai Tea are a perfect match!
#6 – Wicked Witch - A blend of patchouli, cinnamon and tea tree oils.  How Rebekah wear’s this scent:  Not only is the name of this essential oil meant for fall, but it’s spicy sweetness should be the poster card for everything Halloween!  Warning – Wicked Witch is addictive!  I love my Wicked Witch Perfume Roll-on.
#5 – Brown Sugar & Fig - Intensely sweet brown sugar mixed with savory fig.  How Rebekah wear’s this scent:  It’s funny most of my fans join the School of Wash family because of something they smell on me or Lulu.  And it never fails every time I use my School of Wash Body Butter in Brown Sugar & Fig, everybody wants to know what I have on.  This scent when mixed with the warmth of your body smells like someone just rubbed warm pastry all over your body.
#4 – Karma - A bright blend of orange, lavender, pine, patchouli, lemongrass, fir and cashmere musk.  How Rebekah wear’s this scent:  This musk is so feminine and alluring.  I recommend using it in our School of Wash Dry Oil Perfume, and when I want to feel extra sexy I use the dry oil in place of lotion.  It is a great way to moisturize, without making your skin oily, and the scent lingers softly like a halo.  Ooh la la!
#3 – Vanilla Sandalwood - Heady scent of decadent vanilla spice grounded with the sweet and earthy aroma of Indian sandalwood.  How Rebekah wear’s this scent:  Most women would never be caught dead in their husband’s cologne, well I’m not most women.  There is nothing more sensual than wearing your husband’s scent.  And believe or not ladies, it just smells good on us.  I love to use my husband’s School of Wash Body Wash in Vanilla Sandalwood.
#2 – Caramel & Sea Salt - Warm scent of caramel with a slight salty edge.  How Rebekah wear’s this scent:  I love caramel, so it was only natural to develop a scent that mixed warm caramel with a salty edge to really encapsulate the fall months.  To remove those extra layers of sunscreen from the summer, School of Wash Sugar Scrub or Whipped Pumice Foot Scrub in Caramel & Sea Salt is sure to leave you wanting more!
#1 – Be Delish! - Fresh aroma of crisp cucumber, sparkling grapefruit and magnolia.  At the heart of this fragrance is a blend of tuberose, rose, violet, white maguey and green apple.  Finished off with white amber and woods.  How Rebekah wear’s this scent:  Be Delish! is a fan favorite, and rightly so. This feminine scent smells of citrus, flowers and musk all rolled into one.  If there is one thing that rings true in my bathroom, when in doubt use Be Delish!.  This amazing scent is heavenly in any of your School of Wash products, but I love it most in our School of Wash Hair & Body Spritz. Whenever I need a pick me up, I spray on a little Be Delish! – who needs coffee!

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