Monday, September 30, 2013

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

The Truth About Cats and Dogs
There is a widely held belief that people can be reduced to two types; cat people and dog people. The domestic nature of cats and dogs mean that their interactions with humans are of a unique variety.
Although getting the right dry dog food for your dog’s diet or making sure your cat gets enough exercise will obviously affect an animal’s overall fitness and capabilities, many of their characteristics are in-built.
For many dog or cat loyalists the choice is clear but there are those out there whose minds are not quite made up. If this sounds like you, here’s a quick comparison to see how cats and dogs measure up in the battle of the fur coats.
Vision - Cats have incredible vision. Both animals are predators which mean that they are able to sense movement with tremendous perception. The difference lies in cats ability to see in lower light; in near darkness these skilled animals are able to detect the twitch of a whisker or the slightest movement.
Smell - While cats dominate the vision category, dogs are champion sniffers. Canines have long been employed for their sophisticated sense of smell by police departments the world over and for good reason, the canine sense of smell is nothing short of incredible. With faces that are almost entirely nose, dogs can sniff out anything at a rate that is roughly four times better than cats.
Speed - Both animals are remarkably spry. Cats are natural sprinters as they’re trained to hunt but dogs can go the distance. While cats might be able to outrun dogs for the length of a backyard, dogs will excel in the stamina stakes.
Intelligence - Cat lovers will feverishly maintain that their pets are intellectually dominant. Cats are indeed smart in that they are able to get food and attention with little more than a purr, but dogs take well to training in a way that cats simply don’t. Many dogs know more than 100 words and can run complex agility courses which means they trump cats in this category as well.
So it seems dogs and cats continue to compete pretty much neck and neck. Whether you are a current pet owner or a prospective one, the choice between cats and dogs is personal to say the least. The most important thing about pet ownership isn’t intelligence or speed though, it is the connection you have with your animal and this should be the ultimate deciding factor.
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Danielle Royalegacy said...

I live in a desert, so having a cat is not the best choice since we have owls and coyotes roaming around the house every day. When we moved here, we did have a cat, and he adapted well to our surroundings, but I did not like that he used the sand around the house as his personal litter basket. Dogs are the best pets for us right now, and I miss having a cat.