Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Last Great Adventure Book Review

I have a new book to share with you today called The Last Great Adventure written by Philip D. Wilson and it's part true story and the rest is part belief.
What if... ...The most important day of your life was the last one? ...The end of your life was really the beginning of something much better? ...The life you thought was "real" was only a dream, and death was the wakeup call? Join two teens with everything to live for, that only begin to live after this life is over. What begins as a tragedy becomes a fantastic journey into the reality of eternity, as they enter a land where faith becomes sight and eternal life becomes... ...The Last Great Adventure.
This story is actually a true story of two teens, a boy named Noah and a girl named Kelsie who have only been dating for several months on the day that their motorcycle is hit by a car and they are killed almost instantly.

That is where the truth ends and then a tale about one father's belief in what happens after you die and go on to heaven. It helps that Philip Wilson is also a pastor of a Baptist church so he understands somewhat what is waiting in heaven and fashions a story about what Noah and Kelsie might be doing in heaven.

It's a pretty detailed story and he does say up front that it is just that, a story mixed in with his beliefs and he also states that as much as he makes heaven out to be this enormously beautiful place, he says his words will do it no justice. We will each have our own opinion and none of us will know for certain until it's our time to make that last trip.

You will have to read it and make your own determination of what you think heaven might be like but in Philip Wilson's story, there are some things that are almost the same in heaven as it is here. Like we do have tree's, animals, grass, flowers, fruits and mountains for instance. He paints a lovely picture and it is nice to think that heaven will be like that and I sincerely hope that even if only half of it is that beautiful, I will be satisfied.

My only concern is getting there and after that, it's all icing on the cake. I, too, truly believe in heaven and can't wait to see what it really it holds in store for each and everyone of us. I definitely know I don't want to be here for the Tribulations and he does touch briefly on that subject.

Whatever your beliefs are, this is a heartwarming story of one father's belief that his son made it to heaven and that he is having the time of his life and he is with the one person he was destined to be with for eternity, Kelsie.

Happy Reading!
About Author: 
Phillip D. Wilson is a writer, speaker, pastor and musician from the Middle Tennessee area. He and his wife Sheri live in a renovated 1940's farm house north of Nashville, where Phillip serves as a bi-vocational pastor.

Phil had written for pleasure for several years, but began his first novel, The Last Great Adventure, in response to the loss of his teenage son Noah and Noah's girlfriend Kelsie in a tragic 2010 motorcycle accident. The grieving process caused Phil to try to imagine what it must be like to live in the afterlife of Heaven, and The Last Great Adventure was born.

Phil is currently working on a sequel, The Last Great Rescue, slated to be complete in 2014.
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Danielle Royalegacy said...

Sounds interesting. I might just have to pick this one up and read it. Thanks for the review.