Sunday, September 15, 2013

Redmond Earthpaste Review & Giveaway**Closed**

I have some really awesome new kind of toothpaste to share with you today called Earthpaste from Redmond Trading Company.
I was sent two different flavors to review and they were the Wintergreen and Lemon Twist. We really did enjoy using both of them but I have to admit I liked Lemon Twist the best while Mike loved the Wintergreen. He has always liked that flavor, especially for mouthwash, which usually takes my breath away on some of those mouthwashes he buys.
Let's start with Mike's favorite first, the Wintergreen flavor. By the way, Earthpaste is going to be a little different than normal toothpaste because it will not foam. I have used natural or organic toothpaste before so I am used to it and it didn't bother me in the least. I actually prefer it because it's less messy! Wintergreen lends a sweet, minty flavor and has been used to promote dental health.

Also, I found something very interesting that no one has ever told me why or how I got dry mouth and how come I am prone to canker sores. Now, while they also don't come right out and say it leads to dry mouth, I would think if these SLS have a drying effect, then it could cause dry mouth. What do you think?  Listen to what Earthpaste says about that:
Foaming agents such as SLS are said to have a drying effect on the mouth which can increase mouth acidity. These chemicals are also known to cause membrane disruption and trauma in the mouth leading to canker sores.
Also, the Wintergreen essential oils come from Madagascar and Shri Lanka. They are not certified organic, they are considered wild-crafted.
These are the ingredients in all of the Earthpastes:
Purified Water, Redmond Clay, Xylitol, Essential Oil (Cinnamon, Wintergreen or Peppermint), Real Salt, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Menthol (Only in the Wintergreen & Peppermint varieties).
You are not going to believe this but Earthpaste is safe to eat! Yes, I said that! Everything in Earthpaste is safe and can actually be good for your digestive health! They made their toothpaste as natural as possible, by making it with hydrated Redmond Clay and added Xylitol, essential oils, and Real Salt. And then of course, my Lemon flavor. But, those ingredients are in all of the Earthpastes.
Here is what each one does:
**Purified Water to hydrate the clay into a creamy paste
**Food Grade Redmond Clay®, a polishing cleanser with antibacterial properties that has been used for centuries to promote digestive health
**Xylitol, a natural sweetener that has been shown to promote healthy teeth.
**Redmond Real Salt® to enhance the flavor and lend antibacterial properties associated with sea salt.
**Tea Tree Oil, a natural, essential oil, commonly used to promote healthy skin, supports oral health with excellent anti-viral and anti-fungal properties
**Menthol, found in peppermint and wintergreen Earthpaste, leaves your breath fresh and mouth feeling clean.
Okay, last two things I want to share with you is why there are some ingredients missing in these Earthpaste that I know most dentists have always told me I needed in my toothpaste, but now I am wondering if it's been bad for me.
Check out the questions and the answers:
What is the problem with fluoride?  
When it comes to minerals, form is the key. Many health experts agree that the sodium fluoride added to water supplies and toothpaste is toxic and should be avoided. This is why toothpastes with fluoride have a warning advising to call poison control if more than a small amount is swallowed. 
What is the problem with glycerin?  
Among other things, glycerin is the base for many liquid soaps and on the body isn’t a problem. However, in the mouth, glycerin creates a coat or film that won’t rinse away. Many natural dentists say this glycerin film on teeth can prevent the teeth from being able to re-mineralize thereby weakening the teeth.
So, now that I have given you all the facts and can say with both mine and Mike's experience with these awesome Earthpastes, that we really did enjoy them once we got used to them. Like I said earlier, I don't miss the messiness of the foaming agent and we both agree that our teeth look just as good as they always have while using Earthpaste. And I know it's better for me, which is really a big plus. With all of my health issues, I don't need anymore unpleasant problems.

I always use one of these tube squeezers to make sure I get every last drop of paste!

Here is a little history on Redmond:
Redmond’s story begins in 1958, when a prolonged drought forced two brothers to abandon their farm in central Utah. Aware that Native Americans had once harvested salt rock from their farmland, Milo and Lamar Bosshardt borrowed a little money and went into the salt business with little more than sledgehammers, picks, and a determination to provide for their families. Their salt deposit, the result of prehistoric volcanic activity that encased an ancient seabed, provided a naturally-balanced mineral salt that local ranchers credited for healthier herds.  
As the salt’s reputation grew, the Bosshardt brothers purchased land from their neighbors, giving them access to the entire deposit, estimated to extend several thousand feet below the surface of the earth. 
It wasn’t only ranchers placing a premium on Redmond’s salt products. In the 1960′s, local governments realized that Redmond salt melted road ice more efficiently than traditional white salt, and Redmond began marketing crushed salt as a premium highway deicing salt. The product would later be known as Ice Slicer, and its often-imitated reddish color is still visible on clear winter roads throughout the western United States. 
Eventually Redmond’s customers began asking for salt they could use in the kitchen, so in 1984 Redmond introduced Real Salt brand sea salt. Real Salt’s all-natural blend of minerals and salty-sweet flavor has made it one of Redmond’s most recognizable brands worldwide, and the best-selling salt in America’s health food stores.
Connect with Redmond:

Mailing Address:
475 W 910 South
Heber City, UT 84032
Phone:  1-866-312-7258

The awesome folks at Redmond Trading will be giving one winner their choice of 2 flavors of Earthpaste and one of the tube squeezers for your paste. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


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Megan Parsons said...

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