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Qoileez Review

I have something so unique to share with you that I thought I better start with one of their YouTube video's so that you can see all the possibilities that these cute little things can do! I was very surprised myself to see how many ways you can use these and they actually do make things look spectacular!
They are called Qoileez and how they came up with that name, I don't know or how they figured out what to do with them is another mystery, but thankfully for all of us, they did! Your children, especially girls, will love playing with these and coming up with all sorts of ideas. They are affordable, easy to use and can be loads of fun. All you do is take the Qoileez and stretch it and twirl it around whatever object it is that you want it around.
Here is what I was sent to review:
They have lots of other combinations of colors to choose from so this isn't all the colors by any means.  The Qoileez are made of a stretchy rubber that you can bend and do all sorts of fun things with like wrapping around a pencil to make it unique and for you to keep track of it in a classroom full of borrowers or even at home where pencils or pens seem to disappear. The two pencils are mine and then I took the pen off of their site not for the pen itself but for the colors so you could see some more options.

They also make awesome accessories for your hair. Now, this one was hard for me to do as I can't see what the heck I am doing in the back of my head and forget about my hubby helping. I had hoped my granddaughter would come over one day but she didn't and I did not want to hold the review up, so I used one of their pictures.
And as you can see, they have used them on knitting needles too, which I didn't even think of! 

I also took some of the Qoileez's and used them on wineglasses. They came out pretty cute and this would actually make a great party decoration. Given some of the colors and designs, I found several that would be awesome for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I think I like the Purple Leopard the best but I actually found a whole page of Qoileez that have just about every color imaginable in the leopard print so I think whatever your favorite color is, I bet they will have it in the leopard scheme. I even find a few that I liked even better than the purple, imagine that! They have one called Black Leopard and Blackberry Stars that would be totally awesome, too!
My granddaughter loves anything that is Blackberry so I bet she would have a fit over those! I may have to break down and get a few extra colors for her and my daughter or they will be fighting over them.
The Hard Candy Surprise is actually pretty also because along with the pinks they have black mixed in with the pink and then a black and white polka dot.
I found one called Pinkalicious Surprise Mix that I bet she would go nuts over. There is also one called Flower Power
Surprise Mix that I bet would go over pretty well also.
Gosh, you know what, I think it might be safe to say that one of every color would probably send the girls into hyper drive, but of course, I can't get that many, even at only $4.99 a bag, that is still quite a shopping bag!
The blue one with the white stripes was in the Don't Be Blue Surprise Mix. It has several kinds of blue such as the Blue Leopard, Black & White Polka Dots, and Blue & White Stars.
I think if you get the mixes, you stand a better chance at getting more diverse colors but if you love one color, like I did with the Purple Leopards, you will find lots of those available too! I actually find one called Salt & Pepper Stripes that seemed pretty and would make an awesome Halloween color or the Licorice Dots!
Here are some other colors that I thought would make great Halloween & Thanksgiving colors or just plain Fall/Winter:
Now, here is where I said if you got the mix, you would come out better, because this one above has a little bit of everything for Fall/Winter. Think about it because there are several that do just that, mix it all up and it sure would save having to buy each color separate, unless you need a mass quantity of the same color for a theme. The one above is called Wild Cats Surprise. Below is some of the other colors that you will find on their site.

Oh, one thing I should mention, please do not give these to children under the age of three. That is what Qoileez has on their website, but I think this is a judgment call. Not all 4 or 5 year olds are going to be the same, so I would base this on how mature your child is. I have seen some 4 or 5 year olds that this product would be dangerous for them. So, please exercise caution when you purchase depending on who they are for.

Do you need something unique and different for a fundraiser or charity?

The Qoileez fundraising program is a creative and fun way that can help you increase school or non-profit fundraising participation with up to 50% profit earnings. Searching for new fundraising ideas can be overwhelming, but with Qoileez! it's fun, fashionable and profitable. Qoileez is for all ages who want to have fun creating their own unique style.

Qoileez! are multipurpose, trendy, and affordable accessories that adds a bit of style and flash to your favorite hairstyles, pencils, eyeglasses, shoelaces, knitting needles – your creativity is the limit! Qoileez! are small rubber/plastic coils in a wide variety of colors and patterns: dots, stripes, stars, animal prints, and surprise mixes! They are a simple and affordable way to add fashion fun to almost anything! With a simple stretch and twirl - Qoileez! add color and style.

We also offer free shipping on all fundraising program levels.
Who came up with the Qoileez idea and the name?
Maria Casarez is a mother, nurse, businesswoman, inventor, and entrepreneur.  Maria has been described as smart, sassy, creative, optimistic, tenacious, unwilling to fail, and the best multi-tasker. Maria's story is one that inspires and encourages women of all ages as well as entrepreneurs and inventors. Everything about Maria exudes warmth, confidence and a large dose of fun.  
Don’t mistake her fun-loving personality for someone who isn’t serious about her business, she will stop at nothing to see her business strive. With all these treats no wonder she is successful as she is!
Qoileez! are multipurpose, trendy, and affordable accessories that adds a bit of style and flash to your favorite hairstyles, pencils, eyeglasses, shoelaces, knitting needles, wine glass – your creativity is the limit! Qoileez! are small plastic rubber coils in a wide variety of colors and patterns: dots, stripes, stars, animal prints, and surprise mixes! They are a simple and affordable way to add fun fashion. With a simple stretch and twirl - Qoileez! add color and style. 
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