Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ornaments & More Review & Giveaway**Closed**

Are you ready for Christmas? I know it's early but I like to get a good start on it because I have to budget what I spend and if I don't, well, let's just say Christmas would not be happening at my house if I didn't. 
Which is why I was so excited to get one of Mike's presents taken care of recently, thanks to Ornaments and More for letting me review an ornament and I had the one above done for Mike. You see, we exchange ornaments every year so that we have another year to add to the tree. I started that back when my granddaughter was born and so she has one for every year of her life and I will continue to do so until I am gone.
I thought that is one way hopefully, that everyone will remember me, at least at Christmas anyway, when they take out their ornaments. I usually have their name and the year personalized on it just like the one above for Mike. Everyone in the family will get one. What traditions have you started?
Gosh, you should see all the ornaments and other things that you can get personalized at Ornaments and More! I had a hard time choosing because there were so many but then I narrowed it down to the fact that we both love Santas and Snowmen and I got him one last year that had Santa, so this year it's Snowmen.
For instance, see this one that signifies how long you have been together? I don't have this exact one, but I also get us a special ornament with both of your names and the year just like the one above. As you can tell, I am not going quietly into the night. By goodness, someone is going to remember me!
My granddaughter normally gets an ornament that had something to do with her life as she was growing up, like softball, singing, etc. but once she got out of high school, it got harder to figure out what she was into. So, on those years when I am not sure, I get Angels and have her name and year put on it.  
I really do put a lot of thought into my ornaments. I don't just pick any old one. I try to match them up to the person and their personality or something that they like to do. That is why I love Ornaments and More so much. You can find just about anything for anybody there. 
Now, if you have larger families, then don't worry. You can find multiple ornaments for your whole family if you choose to do it that way every year. Maybe you like to do one family one and then individual ones for each person. They have plenty of those to choose from also. 
One last thing that I do also is when we are travelling, I will find a touristy shop, there is one in every tourist town, and buy an ornament from that state. It has to say what state or city it is and the year. We have one tree that is designated our travel tree because it is plum full! Back before I got sick in 2004, we travelled a lot, especially out west to all the history making area's and so we got ornaments from each city, which is a lot when you are talking big states like Colorado who have a lot of tourist towns! We do have some from our capital, Washington, D.C., not this one above but they are beautiful.
So, as you can see, I am a BIG fan of ornaments. They tell a story and it's fond memories of trips taken and tales from the past year. I may not have done much in this life, but at least, I hope, that long after I am gone, everyone will treasure those ornaments that I searched and searched for each and every one of them and put a lot of heart & soul into them.
Here is a little bit about Ornaments and More:
In 1993, Ellen, the founder of this site, opened a kiosk at The Mall in Columbia which is located in Columbia, Maryland under the name Ornaments and More selling personalized ornaments.  It back the first kiosk of its kind in the US! Yes, Ellen was the innovator of the concept of selling hand personalized Christmas ornaments from a kiosk.

She and licensees, at various times during the past 20 years, have operated Ornaments and More kiosks in: 
Annapolis Mall in Annapolis, Maryland; The Mall in Columbia in Columbia, Maryland; White Marsh Mall, Baltimore, Maryland; Towson Town Center in Towson, Maryland; Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, Maryland; Tysons Corner Center, McLean, Virginia; Madison Square Mall in Huntsville, Alabama; Parkway Place Mall in Huntsville, Alabama; and The Mall at Wellington Green, Wellington, Florida. 
In years past, we have seen how parents, grandparents, aunts, godparents, etc. have enjoyed selecting ornaments each Christmas season to commemorate what different family members have done over the course of that particular year. Some customers choose to use the personalized Christmas tree decorations as place cards at the Thanksgiving dinner table; while others tie them onto a Christmas gift package as part of a family tradition.  
The idea is that their Christmas tree tells the wonderful story of the family’s life. Many customers have expressed to us that it would be hard to part with such cherished ornaments; however, they intend on passing these hand personalized ornaments down to their children when they eventually leave home. Thus they are reminding their children of the exciting traditions celebrated during the holidays each time the unique ornaments display during the holidays.
Wow, I wonder if while the last two times that I was in Annapolis, Maryland, if that is where I bought my souvenir ornaments? I have been there twice because it is the most awesome town! You really need to go if you ever get the chance. It is dog friendly and they put out bowls of water at each shop for the dogs in the summer so that they don't get dehydrated. You are allowed to eat outside with your dog, too! And the hotels welcome dogs, too! We love going and visiting the Naval Academy and eating seafood and taking boat trips.

They are having an awesome sale right now! Just click on the banner below to go and check out the Clearance Sale!

Anyway, I hope that you take some time and go look around at all the awesome ornaments that you can personalize for anyone in your family or friends, even teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, etc. You will be able to find the perfect one to fit whoever it is that you are getting it for and they will love it!

Connect with Ornaments and More:

Mailing Address:
11438 Cronridge Drive, Suite Z
Owings Mills, MD 21117

The kind folks at Ornaments and More will be giving one winner a $20 GC to shop at their store! You will love these beautiful ornaments! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


abedabun dawn said...

I love the Baby's First Ornament Photo Frame Tabletop Decoration Pink.

Mommas Bacon said...

Licensed To Grill Personalized Christmas Ornament

momma8385 said...

I like the "Second Christmas Santa Choo Choo Train Ornament" - Item Number: OMRM723
:)Jeanne Bates Tennant

Kimberly said...

I would choose the Personalized Gingerbread House Family Ornament.
Kimberly Schotz

Jayden Elizabeth said...

I would get the Family of 3 plus Tan Dog Snowfamily ornament!

Mrs. Brown said...

I love the Redskins ornament!

Ken Ohl said...

love the gingerbread ornament. thankyou, ken

Jackie said...

So many to choose from! I might get the Dough Family Ornament Snow Couple 2 Kids + Dog.
Thank you!

Paula L. said...

I like the Christmas Ornament Family Of 5 Gift Package.

jandplee at att dot net

Gala said...

I like Plush Bear Santa Hat Heart Bell Personalized Ornament

Dorothy Teel said...

This one would be perfect for me and hubby and all of our grandchildren.. Grandparents + 7 Grandkids Penguin Family Christmas Ornament #OMORR-5125-9

Dorothy Teel said...

I always forget to follow instructions LOL - I am Dorothy Teel and I follow you on email.

Danielle Royalegacy said...

Since the hubby and I are coming up to our 30th anniversary, I would choose one of their anniversary ornaments. I have several in mind:
~Wedding Anniversary Christmas Ornament Kissing Reindeer
~Wedding Anniversary Ornament Bear Wreath Love Decoration
~Personalized Anniversary Ornament Gingerbread Couple Claydough

They are all so cute!

LhasaLuma said...

So many cute options! Not sure which I would choose!

LhasaLuma said...

Oops forgot to leave my email it's kamclauc AT gmail DOT com

deb c said...

I like the Personalized Snow Couple Holding Heart Christmas Ornament.

Kim Pinch said...

I would get the Penguin Ornament with Christmas Lights kumquat8 at hotmail dot com

Megan Parsons said...

Electric Guitar SKULL DESIGN
makeighleekyleigh at yahoo dot com

The Perfect Bridesmaid said...

love the Tennage Mutant Ninga Turtle ornament
flyergal82 AT (yahoo /dot/ $com%

MB Isaac said...

Snowfamily Of 5 + 2 TAN Dogs Ornament

Love it!

Kristen said...

I'd get the DACHSHUND Weiner Dog Glass Christmas Tree Ornament as a gift for a friend.

Crystal Rose said...

I would get the Personalized Siberian Husky Christmas Ornament Banner.

Crystal Rose

hhkaufman78 said...

"Teachers Have Class" Personalized Ornament Holiday Gift

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Baby Boy's First Ornament

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I'd get the Kissing Penguins Couple Ornament You Melt My Heart. I love penguins.

michedt said...

I'd love the Personalized FROG COUPLE Christmas Ornament Dangling Legs.

Michelle Tucker
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