Sunday, September 15, 2013

Merry Christmas Murdock Book Review

I have another great Murdock Murder Mystery book to share with you called Merry Christmas, Murdock written by Robert L. Ray.
Christmastime is here, and weary-but-wise private-eye Matt Murdock is short on funds and holiday spirit. There are no white Christmases in Newport Beach, California, but there are soggy ones. One rainy evening at the Xanadu Mall, a down-on-his-luck mystery writer named Marvin Holly meets a runaway teenager and autographs her book. As they exit the mall, they encounter the headlights of a speeding car. In the aftermath the author is missing and the girl is in a coma.  
On an earlier case, Murdock befriended a precocious teenager named Cindy. Cindy is the product of a broken home, a very wealthy one, and her people would rather break Murdock’s face than accept his help finding out what happened to her biological father—the missing author from Xanadu mall. Meanwhile Murdock has been hired to find out why Heather, the daughter of a sexy but tightly wound senator named Jane Blasingame, was injured in a hit-and-run. Is she the teenager last seen with Cindy’s father? And was Heather really a member of the notorious San Diego gang, a group of wholesome looking youngsters who prey on unsuspecting salesmen?  
Cindy’s mother and the fabulously wealthy Duke family—the clan of Cindy’s uncle—were not fans of Marvin Holly’s work ... or the man himself. They certainly don’t want Murdock to locate him. How are Holly's disappearance and the hit-and-run connected? Will the lovely senator fall for Murdock's rugged charms? If the holidays don't kill Murdock then this case will.
This book was all action and very little wiggling room! If you like your books to hit the ground running, then you will love this fast paced murder mystery that has several characters who have bad manners and others who try to do the right thing.

It seems like the people who have the most to hide are the ones who have been dealing in drugs and isn't that always the motivating reason a lot of people turn up dead?

Murdock is up to his eyeballs in this case but he still feels something isn't quite adding up. Like for instance getting involved in a hit and run where one girl is hit and another one is missing along with the man she was with. He needs to solve this crime and collect his pay because he is seriously in debt and needs to come up with some money to pay his bills.

I loved the book because it was fast paced and never got too boring or had me falling asleep.  This book will be at the top of your To Do list for this fall.

Happy Reading!

About the Author

ROBERT J. RAY is the author of eight novels: Cage of Mirrors, The Heart of the Game, Bloody Murdock, Murdock for Hire, Dial "M" for Murdock, Merry Christmas, Murdock and Murdock Cracks Ice. A sixth Matt Murdock mystery—Murdock Tackles Taos—will be published in 2013. Ray is also the author of a popular non-fiction series on writing, The Weekend Novelist, and he shares writing techniques on writing at A native of Texas, Ray holds a PhD from the University of Texas, Austin. Tuesdays and Fridays, he writes at Louisa’s Bakery and Café in Seattle. For more information, go to

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It's a great book! Thanks for the review.

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This one does look fun. I am out today searching for some great seasonal books to cuddle up with. This one might be a good read by the fire. I would recommend The Reindeer Keeper and The Snowman Maker by Barbara Ward, They are quick reads, but so good. I have them to gift this year, they are my personal favs!

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This sounds like one I would enjoy reading. I like seasonal books to read around the holidays. thanks for the great review.