Thursday, September 19, 2013

Koke Mini Remote Control Racer Car Review

I got this really awesome Mini Remote Control Racer Car recently and I have to tell you that I sure do wish I had one of those really expensive camera's that capture motion, but I don't so none of those pictures showed up. Mike and our Yorkie, Charlie, had the best time with this car! Mike was sitting down with the remote and Charlie was chasing the car all over the place and yelping! It was hilarious!
I was going to save this and give to either a nephew or my grandson for Christmas but the two of them had so much fun with it we decided to keep this awesome new treasure that we received from and use it to play with Charlie and get him all stirred up! I couldn't catch a good picture of Charlie chasing it because my camera doesn't catch movement or I would have shown you how much fun he had!
The Tmart RC Cars come in this really awesome colored can about the size of a coke can. It's hard to see with the reflection of the light hitting the clear side but it came out better than I had thought it would. Inside the can are 2 orange cones, just like the ones you see on the side of the road or at racing tracks, the car, remote control and an antennae that screws onto the remote control box.
Oh, you do have to have 2 AA batteries to go into the remote control box that the car is sitting on. And as you can see, Mike put the antennae on the box already. This is how you charge the car and it only takes a few minutes and off you go.
Specifications on the racer:
Model  WLtoys 2015
Longer Time   6 - 10Min
Longer distance  6 - 20meters
Better performance  Reliable frequency selection & strong anti-interference ability
Transmitter Battery  2 x 1.5V AA Batteries (not included)
Charging time  1 - 2min
Working time  6 - 10min
Weight  103g / 3.63oz
Color  Black
Dimensions  7x3x2.2 cm/2.76"x1.18"x0.87"(W x L x H)
Battery  1.2V 1 / 4 AAA Ni - MH Rechargeable
Control mode  Radio Control
Not sure if this will be a good enough picture for you to see but this is how you charge the car. There is a side panel that opens and a very short cable comes out and it plugs into the bottom of the car. Like I said earlier, it only takes a few minutes and the boys were raring to go!
There is a red light on right now while it's charging and when it's finished it turns green. So, this whole set-up is really very easy to do and no assembly is required. As you can see from the control box there are arrows on both sides. That is how you control the car. Back side of the box is where you put the batteries.
This last picture I took from their site so that you could get a really clear picture of what the car looks like. Oh, the front headlights work! I believe the long wire coming up out of the car must be some kind of transmitter and that is how you control the car with the remote control box. There will be a manual in the package.
There are about 8 pages full of other cars, vehicles, tanks, trucks, etc. for you to choose from, so don't worry that you won't find the one that your child will like. There is so many to choose from and they do have other toys available also.  You will also find grown up toys also, so go take a look around!
And lastly, they have FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!
There is also a 90 day money back guarantee along with 180 day free repair warranty. They also have a lowest price guarantee.
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I would love to have one of these! But then, my little dogs wouldn't like me having it at all. Ha!