Monday, September 30, 2013

How To Choose A Sweetheart Book Review

I have a rather unusual book to share with you called How To Choose A Sweetheart written by Nigel Bird. It starts with a man in love with one woman but she is in love with another man. They are still friends and he moves on to try and meet a new woman, all the while trying to stay friends with the old girlfriend and her new boyfriend!
“She came into the bookshop. That was it. That was the beginning.”

This isn’t the first romantic story to feature a balcony, nor is it likely to be the last. Even so, what takes place in ‘How To Choose A Sweetheart’ is a modern, fresh take on an old-fashioned tale.

Max is a bookseller. Since his relationship with Jazz ended, he’s struggling to find purpose in life. That all changes when a beautiful woman, Cath, walks into his shop and pins up an advert asking for a piano teacher for her daughter, Alice.

It’s almost perfect. Max takes down the details and gets in touch immediately. Within a short space of time he manages to secure the position as Alice’s piano teacher and establish that Cath’s a single mother.

What could be better?

Well, he might be able to play the piano for a start.

Or his newly acquired piano teacher might not be an old, alcoholic wreck.

Or he might be completely over his ex-girlfriend.

And he might not be forced into a position where he needs to come up with a composition of his own to woo the new lady in his life. 
It’s a tangled web we weave and Max seems to be sticking to the threads like an insect in a web.

A topsy-turvy romantic comedy that will warm your cockles and split your sides.
This has a lot of humor in it along with some great romantic tones here and there. You will love this lighthearted attempt at redemption and the search for love.

I found the book to be very entertaining and cheering Max on, especially when he met Catherine and all the antics he went thru to get her attention. Yes, he told some untruths, but not to be mean, but to get to know her and her child.

He also meets some other people, namely Mr. Evans, who teaches piano. He tries so hard to learn to play so he can surprise Cath and teach her child how to play but Mr. Evans finally has to tell him he will never learn to play, he just isn't piano material.

You will enjoy the uncomplicated story and the really great characters in this book. It's a keeper.

Happy Reading!

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Nigel Bird said...

Hi Mary,
You've gone and made my day and probably my week. I'm delighted you enjoyed the read and feel like you got to know the characters well - that's important to me because they feel so real and reviews like this help them come to life.
Warm thanks,


Anita Yancey said...

I do love reading romance books that are funny. I like reading any book that will make me laugh. Thanks for having this giveaway.


Megan Parsons said...

Yes, I love books that make me laugh & the more romance the better!
makeighleekyleigh at yahoo dot com

Madonna said...

I prefer the funny romance stories because I like to laugh and live doesn't give enough opportunities to laugh.

Kylie Carlson said...

I love reading funny stories- they just read so much faster than other kinds. Kylie Carlson

Melinda said...

I prefer romance books that are a bit funny.

Melinda Stephens