Thursday, November 7, 2013

Finders Key Purse Gift Package Review

I have an awesome clear vinyl handbag full of goodies from Finders Key Purse to share with you today. They sent me this cute little handbag with several really awesome trinkets and a really cool fan to keep cool with if you need it while out and about.
Here's a look at the vinyl bag without anything in it:
Size:  7 3/4”H X 5“W X 33/4” D
Then they sent me this really adorable Mini Glam Pens and mine was a hot pink color. I took mine and attached it to the Purse Hook and that way you have a pen at all time with you because I also attached my car keys so I won't lose either of them.

It has these features:
  • Twist to open/close
  • Ballpoint Black Ink Pen with Crystal Details
  • Attaches to your Finders Key Purse (sold separately).
  • Comes in 4 colors
    I think this was my favorite item in the bag, the Finder's Key Purse.  I love mine because it really does come in handy when you are always in a rush and losing your keys. Well, with this little gadget, you can keep track of them by hooking the heart over the opening of your bag and the keys are attached at the end. They look awesome on handbags!

    They actually gave me two of them, the one above and then this one below:
    This is just a plain silver one that I believe can be engraved if you want to do that. I think I am going to leave mine plain, that way anyone can use it. Both Finder's Key Purse are easy to use and make a cute accessory to the outside of your handbag. It does make it ultra easy to find your keys in a snap without all of that fumbling around, even in the dark!
    There are a lot of designs to choose from and I am sure one of them will catch your eye or one that will go perfectly with your favorite handbag. I think they would make awesome gifts at Christmas because you can pick one that suits each person on your list and it will be unique to that person.
    I found a video on their site that can give you some great idea's and show you how they look:
    And then lastly in my gift bag was something called a Fantastic and at first I wasn't sure what in the heck it was and when I did, I thought to myself, how clever! 
    Main Features:
    **Beat the heat wherever you are with FANtastic pop up fans.
    **Each multi-colored fan tucks into a colored pouch for easy purse storage, the pop it open for plenty of cool relief.
    **Hangtag shows design included inside and instructions for use.
    **4" dia. folded; 8" dia. open
    Now, watch what it looks like when I expand the fabric that is inside the white dove looking thing. 
    Now, you have your own portable fan! Then when you no longer need it, just twist it and put back inside the white swan thing and put in the little bag it comes with and store in your handbag. It hardly takes up any room at all! They have several colors to choose from and I love the light blue one the best because I am a huge butterfly watcher.
    And that was what is in the Gift Bag that Finder's Key Purse will be giving to the winner of my Spa for Ma Giveaway Event! The Giveaway Event starts on September 2nd and ends on the 16th. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!
    Here is a little history on how they started:
    Alexx, Inc. is a small, woman owned, business in the City of Los Angeles. 
    The idea for Finders Key Purse® came to owner and inventor Sandy Stein literally in a dream in which her deceased father showed her the design and told her to get out there and sell it! At the time Sandy was 52, a career flight attendant, and mother of a 10 year old boy. Her husband had been out of work and the airline industry was suffering due to 9/11. Using her natural sales ability and experience gained from selling lipstick (a side job), she put together the most unusual sales plan the gift market had seen. Then, using her life savings, launched Finders Key Purse® in December 2004. She and her team sold 1 million pieces in her first year of operation! 
    Over 8 million Finders Key Purse® have been sold to date and Alexx, Inc. has 12,000 customers throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, Middle East, & New Zealand. ©Alexx, Inc. continues to grow its distribution as well as its product lines.
    Connect with Finder's Purse Key:

    Mailing Address:
    6520 Platt Avenue #633
    West Hills, CA 91307
    Phone:     818.347.7295 or Toll Free:  800.620.7295
    Fax:      818.347.7294

    The awesome folks at Finder's Purse will be giving the winner of my Black Friday GC Giveaway Event a $25 GC to spend on their site. The event starts on November 8th and ends on the 22nd. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

    Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.