Monday, September 23, 2013

Doc Wellbee Curing Dental Costs

Don’t Let Tooth Decay Creep Up on You (and Your Wallet):  
Let Doc Wellbee Cure Your Dental Bills
So… when was your last dental visit? The average American waits three years between dental visits. Why? According to a recent study, the top two reasons people avoid the dentist are 1) Fear of discovering a major dental problem and 2) Fear of the bill after the visit. 
“But I brush and floss like a champ!” you’re probably thinking. Sorry to say, but even the best at-home brushing and flossing routine isn’t enough to keep your mouth free of decay-causing plaque and tarter. Without regular visits to the dentist, you can expect a costly visit from the “Cavity Creep.”  
What is Cavity Creep? To put it simply, as dental decay progresses, the cost to repair the damage increases… dramatically.  Maintaining good oral hygiene with regular dental visits catches decay early on, keeping a small cavity and filling ($195) from turning into a major dental issue requiring a crown ($1,200), root canal ($2,000) or even a full tooth extraction and implant ($3,000+)! 
A cavity – or hole in your tooth – will continue to penetrate deeper and deeper into the tooth until it is properly treated. Once the acids in your mouth have created a hole into the hard enamel layer, the treatments to repair the tooth can vary from a filling, to a crown, to a root canal to even a full tooth extraction if the cavity becomes infected. It’s vital you catch and treat decay early – and the only way to do that is through regular check-ups, cleanings and x-rays. 
According to Doc Whitney Troope, DMD and founding partner of an innovative dental plan called Doc Wellbee (, “It’s important to remove dental plaque and treat cavities before the situation progresses to a more serious and expensive issue. Untreated dental disease is even a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease and pre-term births. Preventative oral care is a necessity for overall wellness.”  
But these days, protecting your family’s smile can make a wallet frown. Luckily, Doc Wellbee ( cures dental bills. Our members reduce dental expenses up to 60%, plus earn rewards for practicing preventative care.  After every dental cleaning, our members are treated to their choice of popular magazine subscription.  “Doc Wellbee is dedicated to getting consumers to visit the dentist regularly,” says Doc Whitney. “Rewards after teeth cleanings is our way of doing it.” 
Curing dental bills?  Doc Wellbee is a dental discount program which operates much like a members-only warehouse club. Consumers pay an annual membership fee for access to pre-negotiated, reduced rates with thousands of top-quality dentists and specialists.  Dentists affiliate with Doc Wellbee to grow their practice.  Friendlier than traditional dental insurance, there are no coverage limits, claims or waiting periods with Doc Wellbee. Members pay their dentist directly and receive a substantial discount on virtually any dental procedure – from routine exams to root canals, crowns and implants.  Even orthodontics!  
In celebration of National Dental Hygiene Month, Doc Wellbee is partnering with Mary’s Cup of Tea to offer readers an exclusive discount – Use code MCOTSMILE25 at checkout  and receive 25% off a Doc Wellbee annual membership (exp. 10/31/13) (Note: Doc Wellbee plans currently available for Georgia residents; Memberships available nationwide starting October 1)


Danielle Royalegacy said...

I don't have any of that nice hard enamel on my teeth, so I am prone to cavities. I know that I need to keep my teeth clean. I haven't had a problem in years now.

Rose-Marie said...

This is so true. Some people think their dentist is just trying to cash in with scare tactics, or they think they will put it off for a while, then it goes way beyond. Once a year there is a free dental service for one day, thousands of people line up starting the night before, and they have to turn away thousands more.