Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cane Expression Review

I have a really nice product to share with you today called Cane Expressions and they are accessories to jazz up your walking canes! I got the Zebra design because you know me, I wear a lot of black and white and thought this would be awesome!
Only, guess what? I completely misjudged and it's my fault that I didn't even think about it until it came and then I realized that this beautiful accessory would not work with my cane. See, I have a wooden one that we bought at a Fall Festival one year that I watched a man carve and right in the middle of the cane, he carved an old man with a long beard about the size of a small fist smack dab in the middle! How in the heck I forgot that is beyond me!
But, not to worry, we figured out what to do with it. Mike's mother has had a knee replacement and then I guess she's not used to it and she fell in the garden one day, so they had to get her one and she uses it every day. So, we are going to give it to her the next time we got that way. They live about 2 hours from us, so I didn't have time to go over there and get a picture of it to show you how it looks but I did take one off of one of the shops so you will see how they look and work.
I really like these and think that they will turn an old metal cane into something jazzy and more to the person's personality. They have quite a few designs and colors to choose from so I bet you or your loved one will find one that is perfect for you. They have both solids and prints to choose from so I wouldn't just get one, get several so that you can change them to match either your mood or your outfit!
Check out some of the colors below:
I really like the black one with the hearts! I didn't see that one when I asked for the zebra but I guess it all worked out as I won't be the one using it after all. But, if I do get one that this will fit, then I intend to get the one with the hearts, it is just too cute! Also, notice how it fits different types of canes with all kinds of handles.
See, did I not tell you that they had some awesome colors!
How did Cane Expressions start?
Rhonda's 75 year old mother was having issues with balance and with her knees. She needed to use a cane, but did not want to, as it made her feel old and it was unattractive.

A friend decided to bead her cane for her as a craft project. She took a beaded belt and glued it to the shaft of the cane. Rhonda's mom began using the cane and was delighted when people stopped her and complimented her on her beautiful cane. 
"Where did you get it?" was a common question.
Rhonda's mother now uses her cane every day, as she is a fashionable woman, and her accessories are important to her.

This gave birth to our product, Cane Expressions™—interchangeable cane covers that can coordinate with outfits, activities or hobbies. Our mission is to provide people with a level of dignity, which in turn will encourage cane use. And with that, safety and style. KEEP MOVING IN STYLE is our tagline.
Cane Expressions™ come in Beaded and Fabric styles, both solids and patterns. They fit aluminum and wooden canes.

We want people to change them to match their mood, outfit, or activity. It's fun, easy and encourages multiple sales. A great gift item.
The ladies at Cane Expressions were very smart because they wanted to make sure that their product would be something that women would want so they conducted a research poll to find out what women thought about their idea and here is what they find out about their product and what they wanted to achieve:
Our independent research* indicated that 68% of women who used canes would be interested in purchasing a cane cover. When shown the beaded cane cover, respondents were asked what they would pay for this product in the marketplace. Respondents priced the product between $29-59.  
The beaded cane cover created an emotive response with many women feeling it was a “Work of Art” and they would gladly pay for art. The most surprising finding is that 78% of our respondents said they would shop for it online—mirroring the recent research showing that the fastest growing segment of internet users is women aged 60+.**
Not only do they have the cane covers but they came up with some snazzy colors for canes so that you don't have to get the covers if you don't want to. Take a look! I love the neon colors, especially the lavender/purple one, but you knew that, right?

And they did not leave out the fitness buffs either! Take a look at the cardio grips. Still love that purple! Such a cool idea, ladies! I love it!

They also have canes with cardio grips and fashion straps!

And then lastly, the new fashion wrist straps!

It's nice to know that no matter what my age, I can still be stylish and have a little attitude if I want. Just because I have to use a cane doesn't mean it's the end the end of the world, thanks to Cane Expressions! Thanks ladies!  

One last thing, on the care of your Cane Expressions, they recommend that you use the gentle cycle, cold wash & rinse, and air dry to keep your decorative cover looking it's best.

If you have some suggestions on more designs or colors, they would love to hear from you! Email them at For more information on their products or any other questions, you can check out their FAQ section.

For places that you can buy these awesome products, check out the BUY NOW page. You can even find out where to buy in Canada!

One last thing, they even have a fan in Guatemala! But they are made right here in the good ole USA!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Gayle Pace said...

I think it's great. For those that need a cane, they can choose different colors and patterns. They can be a focal point instead of being drab.