Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Avinol PM Review

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Or do you wake up several times during the night or can't stop the chattering inside your head? If you have experienced any of those, then here is a new product you can try to get a better night's sleep called Avinol PM.
Main features of Avinol PM:
  • Quick dissolve technology to help you fall asleep fast.
  • Powerful strength to help you stay asleep and wake up refreshed.
  • All natural non-addictive ingredients that soothe and calm.

    Mike has a lot of problems staying asleep. He can fall asleep pretty darn quick so I was really surprised that he doesn't stay asleep. By the end of the week, Thursday or Friday, he is dragging his feet pretty bad. He has a thing against prescription pills, especially anything to help you sleep, because it makes him feel groggy the next day and hard to wake up.
    I have tried several over the counter products to help him get a good night sleep and some will work for a little bit or they even made him feel groggy so he quit using them. I saw this product online and thought it wouldn't hurt to try so we got a bottle to review. I also have problems sleeping but mine are medical related and I already take a good bit of prescription medications, so I had to stay clear while Mike did the testing for me.
    Here's what Mike liked the best about Avinol PM:
  • 100% natural alternative to sleeping pills
  • Gentle, natural, no-side-effects formula
  • Eases you into a deep, quality slumber
  • Wake up feeling alert and refreshed!
    Did you know this:
    **Nearly 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder.
    **Lack of sleep will exhaust you
    **Leads to heart disease
    **To weight gain
    **Memory loss.

    These two ingredients are the reason why Avinol PM is different and really works:

    Numerous medical studies have found that a melatonin shortage in your body causes fatigue, irritability, and an inability to sleep. Avinol PM gives your body the melatonin it needs to eliminate these symptoms, allowing you to drift off to a peaceful night's sleep. But that's not all. Melatonin has also been shown to improve long-term memory and brain function. Avinol PM is packed with benefits in every dose.

    The metabolic precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin. But that's scientific jargon... what does this mean for you? The right levels of 5-HTP can improve your mood and your sleep patterns. Avinol PM gives you the exact levels of 5-HTP needed to enjoy these benefits with every fast-acting melt tablet.

    The other natural ingredients in Avinol PM:

    *Lemon Balm Extract
    *Chamomile Extract
    *Passion Flower Powder
    *Orange Peel

    And that leads to how Avinol PM is able to work for you:
  • Avinol PM uses proven ingredients (melatonin and 5-HTP) to get you to sleep quickly and gently
  • Avinol PM creates balance in your body, helping you sleep uninterrupted through the night
  • Avinol PM is 100% natural and non-addictive... take it as often or as little as you like

  • Mike was very happy and well rested after taking it all three nights on the weekend. I still can't convince him to take it during the week because he is terrified of messing up at work. They do have to be around some dangerous machines and power lines at work, so I don't push it. But, at least he is getting some sleep those 3 nights and when there is a long weekend, like Labor Day just ending, he got nights of good, quality sleep!

    He would kill me if he knew I had taken this picture of him konked out, but just wanted to show you that he really did get some sleep!
    Connect with Avinol PM:
    Phone:   1-800-587-0888
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    susan1215 said...

    I'll have to check this product out. There are some nights I have trouble falling asleep but I don't want to take a sleeping pill.