Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ZippyPaws Dogs Toys Review

Lord, can you tell that Charlie is having a ball and doesn't know which toy to play with first? He is something else! He got all of these really great dog toys from a company called ZippyPaws and they sent him three different toys to play with.
Charlie loves opening bags and presents! All we have to say is, "We have a present for Charlie" and he comes running! Especially if you hold the bag and keep opening it and saying, Charlie, do you want a present? That's all it takes and he will come flying. I have taught him very well. You should see him at Christmas. He will actually stick his head inside the bag and drag out the toy just like he is doing above.
He seems to like this one the best and it's called a Crinkle Butterfly from the Plush Toy Collection. It has a squeaker inside the main body and when you squeeze it, it makes a noise like a loud squeak and Charlie is mesmerized by it! It also is made of what they call Crinkle material so it also makes a little bit of some kind of noise, like rustling paper.
This one was picked for him because it is great for a small dog. I don't know if it would work so good with a medium or large dog.
This one is called Spencer the Crinkle Monkey and this was Charlie's second favorite. He loves the long arms and loves to pull on them! What a nut!
This toy does come in several sizes and color so you don't have to get this purple one or this size but again, they sent toys that were made for Charlie's size which is small since he's a Yorkie.
This one has a squeaker in the main body and a rattle and then the legs are made of that Crinkle material that drives Charlie crazy!
This one is called Squeakie Pad - Ladybug. The difference in this one is that it can be for a small or medium dog and it has 2 Blasters in it! So, it will make a slightly louder noise. Charlie played with it but it wasn't his favorite. I think it was a little too big for him to get a good grasp on it so he stuck more with the other two for that purpose.
ZippyPaws does have some non plush toys for dogs to play with along with some rubber ones, too. We didn't get any of those so I can't tell you too much about them but wanted to mention it so that if your dog is partial to those type of toys, they do have them so go and take a look around and see what all they have.
They also do have a whole lot more of the Plush Toys to choose from, I think there were about 5 pages worth, so the three I reviewed are not the only ones. They do have bigger sized ones if your dog is larger than Charlie. 
They also carry dog beds and products for dogs that are on the go and they are called Active Dogs. I think it will be things like leashes and doggie bags for you to pick up their messes while out walking along with portable eating products to use while out.
Charlie really had an awesome time with all three of his toys and to this day he is still playing with them all. They have not come apart or been torn apart so they must be made pretty sturdy because he is pretty rough on some of his toys.
Of course, if he really loves it, he won't do anything to ruin it. I bought him a stuffed puppy when we first got him to put into his bed so he wouldn't cry when we first brought him home when he was 5 weeks old and he still has that dog 5 years later and it's still going strong.
Maybe that is why he loves his stuffed animals so much! He should because at last count, I think he has well over 25 of them!
How did ZippyPaws get started:
Our family adopted an adorable golden retriever puppy in October 2003. Being the eager, friendly puppy he was, John quickly won the hearts of the family and everyone he met. Strangers chuckle at his "human name" and love his sweet and friendly nature. John's favorite pasttimes includes chasing lizards and squirrels, sleeping with his paws in the air, and playing with squeaky plush toys. He is now our senior product tester!
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Danielle Royalegacy said...

OH, these are just so adorable! I just know my little dogs would love to play and rip these apart.

Deb C. said...

my smaller dog would love these. He always manages to get to the squeaker and take it out!