Friday, August 9, 2013

YogaHands Review & Giveaway **Closed**

Have you ever had Carpel Tunnel? I have and it's not very pleasant! Gosh, let's see, when was that? It was around 2006 and I also had my first knee surgery where I had torn the meniscus and they repaired the right hand also because I had Carpel Tunnel. Boy, that was one messed up year!
I have been lucky so far that nothing else has come of that but I do get tired a lot easier in my hands so now when I do, I use the Yoga Hands to help with the RA pain that I sometimes experience in my both of my hands.
It took some getting used to but once I did, I found that it did take the pressure off of me and I was able to continue typing. Of course, nothing is 100% foolproof when you have RA and I know that I have my limits. So, I have also learned how long I can safely type before I need to stop and before it gets to the point that I need help. But, it sure is nice to know I have some options now instead of automatically reaching for the pain medication!
The Benefits of Yoga Hands:
**helps with hand cramps, fatigue and overuse
**improves circulation
**works in just minutes
**simple design makes it easy to use, it's durable and portable
**has a lifetime warranty
**made in the USA
**30 day money back guarantee
**one size fits all
You get a set of two, one for each hand and it took me several attempts before I figured out the best way to use them but once I did, it was a piece of cake!
I mostly need it for my right hand as it does most of the typing and because I found out last week I have a right shoulder rotor cuff tear so that might be why I have been experiencing more pain than normal. Boy, does it hurt to try and lay down and sleep! But at least I can get some relief for my hand.
Some of the things that Yoga Hands will help with the most:
**Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
**Tennis Elbow
**Radial Tunnel Syndrome
**Wrist Tendonitis
**Joint Pain in Fingers large
**Hand Fatigue
**Sore Hands
**Dupuytren's Disease
**Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

You will love the way this simple easy product will help you with your tired aching hands. It works by stretching and helping with your circulation. I would recommend this before you have surgery. Yes, it cured mine and I really don't have that problem anymore but I do have RA and that does give me fits sometimes. I shudder to think what having Carpel Tunnel and RA would feel like if I had them both at the same time.
Here is how to use your YogaHands:
**Place the pointed ends of the 3 finger wedges between your fingers. Leave the thumb out.
**Push each of the 3 wedges gently towards the palm of the hand until the desired stretch is felt. **Start with several minutes. You may be able to wear YogaHands for much longer (varies with each individual)
**Listen to your hands. Use as often as you like. (Keep it handy!)
**After using, flex and extend your fingers a few times.
**Stretch and revive the other hand the same way.

Please use caution when starting something new:

**As with any other exercise use moderation and common sense.
**If you have hand conditions, ask your healthcare provider if YogaHands® are right for you.
**Do not wear YogaHands® when using your hands for any work or manual task.
**It is not recommended to sleep while wearing YogaHands®.

The great thing about this product is that they also have Yoga Toes! Now, that is something I really would like to try also! They also have something called Celery Stick that is an oil that you can use with or without the YogaHands and is good for arthritis. Now, that is the first time I have heard of Celery Stick, how bout you? Mmm, I really intrigued as to how this would work.

Connect with YogaHands:

Mailing Address:
PO Box 517
Dexter, MI 48130
Phone:(734) 426 - 8400 or (877) 964 - 2776

The awesome folks at YogaHands will be giving one winner their own set of YogaHands to use for your tired, achy hands! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


Rachael Erika Shaffer said...

I don't know what I have, but my hands definitely hurt from time to time. Probably all the technology-use!

Chelsea said...

I've never been officially diagnosed but I'm pretty sure I have Carpel Tunnel

Chelsea said...

I would totally use this for myself :)

Sandrea Igess said...
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deb c said...
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deb c said...

I had de quervain's disease in both hands.
missdeb1 at earthlink dot net

Gala said...

My mom has a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Kim Pinch said...

I have Arthritis in just one hand for now. kumquat8 at hotmail dot com

Cindy Brickley said...

I have Carpel Tunnel in both hands and Arthritis. I could really use this product to ease the pain.

Roxanne Rossbach said...

Great idea! Would be fun to try. My husband could use these as he uses his hands doing aircraft harness assemblies all day and they hurt when he gets home.

B. Brannen said...

I'm not sure what I have, but I'm a writer and also a typist at work. My hands hurt most days, and I'd love to try these!!

shana said...
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shana said...

I have tendonitius in all my joints, & my sister has arthritis in her hands also.


Paol Trenny said...

I have Arthritis
- Paol Trenny..... emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

Rain Jeys said...

No, but my mom is a massage therapist and I think this would really help her out.

Julia Wellman